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new kitten coming

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small times dark-blue
Okay i need some help. My boyfriend is giving me a new kitten for x-mas. It is actually a few months old. It is already litter box trained. The problem is that I also have a 12 year old cat and I am very concerned about how they will get along. Does anyone have any ideas on how i should introduce them or how I should get them or keep them from interacting.
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What a smart person you are to ask for advice before bringing home your new kitty!

What you want to do is to start slowly. When you bring home the kitten, keep the kitten in her own room (with food, water, litter box) for about a week. During that week, rub down the kitten with a slightly damp towel and then rub your old cat with the same towel (and vice versa). This way they can begin to get used to each others' scents before actually meeting. Do this several times daily.

Also during this week, once or twice each day, lock old kitty in the kitten's room and let kitten out. (Hide kitten as you are doing the switch so they don't see each other at first.) Let kitten stay out for about an hour each time.

About halfway through the week, start feeding old cat at the door of kitten's room. This way old cat learns to associate good things (food) with smell and sound of new cat.

Near the end of the week, start barely cracking the door and let old cat and kitten sniff each other through the crack.

After a week has gone by, get two bowls of really smelly tuna or sardines (just a tiny bit in the kitten's bowl and a little more in old cat's bowl). Put old cat and his treat at one end of kitchen and kitten with her treat at the other end. Again, they will associate the new cat with good experiences (treat).

Do this daily , each time scooting the bowls a little closer.

Also, get toys like feathers on sticks or cat dancers. Play with both cats at the same time, but each with their own toy. This will help them associate good things (play time) with the new cat.

The basic idea is to give many opportunities for them to associate good times (food, games) with the new cat and to let them get used to each other's smells and sounds before they ever actually see each other.

Expect some hissing and maybe a swat or two. If there are any major attacks with bites and screams, you will need to start over.

Congratulations on the new kitty!
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Milo - be sure to let us know how the introductions go! Congratualtions on getting a new fur baby and do not forget pics for us to drool over!
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