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mother cat had 2 deformed kittens

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Last week I came across a very well pregnant cat that was dumped out by my country home. I live about an hour drive from a vet, really all depends on the road conditions on the time. This month we've had a lot of rain so the dirt roads are very muddy and hard to navigate through.

Ok this cat gave birth a few nights ago and I notice that 2 of four kittens have deformed feet and one other has a rear that isnt developed so I think it will die soon since it can not poop(ive tried to get it to go). The Two deformed kittens have really no bone development in the feet and the leg is bent in ward.

The Mother her self was very little so growth room for the kittens must have been limited. The mom is a manx mix I believe since she has no tail. She was in a poor conditino but has gained weight while being with me. My vet told me he couldnt help me at all until the kittens grow up some(deformed legs), the other he said he cant help either. I have the money to have sugery on the kittens when they get older to correct or have the leg removed. I just cant believe the people left her to die. I was lucky to find her before a wild dog or wild cat found her.
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i have a kitten who has a bad back leg, she is now 10 weeks old. And no one told her she had three legs. she gets around great. and she will have surgery to remove the tissue when she has her spay, so its more convient for her. So there is hope
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Manx cats are prone to having kittens with problems. Only a vet or a specialist can advise you as to how best to proceed with these two kittens. If you can find a feline specialist near you they may be able to guide you how to care for the deformed ones.
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God bless you for taking in this cat and her precious babies.
I applaud you and I pray for the sick babies.
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The things people do just never, ever cease to amaze me. Living in the country as well, I have often been heard to make the comment, "There must be a big, Las Vegas-style flashing neon sign at the end of my driveway that says Drop Your Old, Sick, Unwanted, Pregnant or Otherwise Undesirable Pets Here". Ah, yes ... a magical place, The Country; where little ones the world over believe their beloved companions go to run in the fields and drink up the sunshine all day ... please forgive me my sarcasm this evening, I grow weary of the behavior of people.

While I cannot say for certain this is the case with the litter you have there, sometimes kittens are born with physical defects caused by cramping while in utero. Most times, once the kittens are born and begin normal development, these defects can correct themselves since space is no longer a problem. However, whenever you bring a Manx or a Manx-mix into the equation, all bets are off genetically. Even the most seasoned, experienced, long-time Manx breeders will tell you of skeletal issues in the breed. So, it could be that the badly deformed kitten is a by-product of poor genetics but the others may be able to self-correct with time - even if it isn't 100% correction, they do not know anything different and will develop coping mechanisms to compensate.

I am sorry you are having to go through this - but I sends brightest blessings to you for your compassion and courage. Thank you for taking these cats into your home and providing them with some love and good care.


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Please go here and click on Bendy's story.
He was born with crooked legs, and has pretty straight legs now. He had severe problems. Maybe if your vet doesn't know how best to treat your babies, Bendy's vet could help. If you e-mail Bendy's Mom, she will be helpful, I think.

Bless you for taking in this Momma and babies. Best of luck with them all!
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I hope you can help these kittys
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Good on you for taking this cat on, and wanting to help the babies. I have read that sometimes with help the legs can straighten as they get older, it was on messybeast somewhere, will try and look it up later. Hope you can find a vet which is more helpful too!!
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Hello and thank you for your responses to my post. Yesterday the kitten with the deformed rear passed away. I tried for an hour to get him to go(on and off).

I looked closer at the two with deformed leg and feet, one calico has both legs deformed one is wisted to the point it will more likly never straightn out and the other leg has three toes with bones and a lil crooked, one toe without a bone.She seems to cry out more when left alone.

The other is tan and leg in same condition,but has three good legs, no tail and the other calico girl is in fine shape besides its crooked tail. They seem in fine condition. I still cant get to a vet yet since the mud pot holes are pretty bad so i have to go off and repair some holes(i just love to do that).

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trisha, i'm so sorry to hear about the kitten who passed, and the others with deformities.

Bless your heart for taking them in and taking care of them (and their momma!)

please keep us updated
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How are the kittens giong? I did not know that Manx kittens have problems.
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