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I just discovered this lovely site. Today my heart is breaking.

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I'm grateful for the wealth of spirit here! On Tuesday June 14th, his brother Elvin and I lost McCoy suddenly at the age of 6. He developed a blood clot from his heart disease which caused him to lose the use of his back legs. While I was on the treadmill he managed to come behind me and somehow get up on the bed. He was flopping over and over and crying. Luckily, I was near him when it happened, and figured out pretty early that he'd need to be put to sleep. I had to call the job I just started and get the day off. We had 5 hrs until McCoy could be seen by the Vet. McCoy did a great job of letting me know that he really needed help. He must have really been in a lot of pain because he bit me for the first time ever. Elvin kept wanting to bite him on the neck-I guess to get his attention. They had been very close-I chose them at 8 weeks old when they were having a friendly wrestling match at the Animal Shelter. McCoy was a very smart , independant, brave warrior, who loved to snuggle, be chased, wrestle, and bring me gifts. Elvin is dealing well with it all-including my going back to work, not sure where his brother is, my crying and needing to hold him a lot more. Boy was it tough to work that next day. The bosses were very nice to me, but I was pretty shaky. I hope I never hafta do that again! I'm still kinda shakey sometimes and that's ok because I'm missing having McCoy here BIGTIME and I'm missin' him crazy.
Oddly, the week before McCoy passed, I checked out a book on Pet Loss having no idea what was about to happen. I'm a lucky guy to have had McCoy's company for 6 yrs, and to still have Elvin.
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I'm just so incredibly sorry you lost your precious McCoy. He is now in Heaven, so happy and healthy, knowing just how much you love him, and one great day the two of you will be reunited! This is little consolation for the agony in your shattered heart, as I know there are no words to take away this pain. I pray you and Elvin will feel peace in your heart and find comfort and strength in eachother during this difficult time. Please know that you have many friends here who understand the pain you are facing.
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With the greatest respect for your sweet McCoy, and sadness as I read of your great loss, I split this post into a separate thread. My heart goes out to you in this difficult time.
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Condolences on your loss. Six is just too young to go through that! I am glad you found the CatSite. I look forward to hearing more about you and your family!
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How tragic a loss! I know your hearts are hurting and I just wanted to say that I feel your pain.

Healing light and hugs,

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I agree that 6 is so young, poor McCoy. My condolenses to you and Elvin.
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My heart goes out to you! RIP sweet McCoy
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.Welcome, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.
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I cannot imagine how you feel. How tragic. However, you know that you did the very best thing possible. I just hope you are there to remind me of that when it's my turn to make that same decision because it is so very hard. Sending lots of healing prayers/vibes your way McCoy sounded like a real fighter.
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I hope you and Elvin are able to comfort each other at this terrible time. Thinking of you.
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And thanks for remiinding me that I'm not alone in loving the ambassadors with whiskers. Thomas
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I am thinking of you and Elvin!
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss of McCoy. My heart goes out to you and Elvin at this time of grief. Comfort each other until you meet again at the bridge. RIP McCoy.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Six years old really is too young to deal with that. I hope you and Elvin can comfort each other.
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I am so sorry for your loss, but am really impressed how you handled the situation and did what needed to be done. You did what was in his best interest, and that shows your love and unselfishness. Your cats are lucky to have had you. Val
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So sorry for your loss. Though I know from experience that this is a difficult time, and words of condolence help little, McCoy knew how loved he was and is now waiting for you to join him and cross the bridge together.
best wishes and all prayers
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I'm so sad to hear of your loss. McCoy sounded like a precious cat. Please give Elvin kisses from me. bless his heart!

RIP McCoy!
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please give Elvin a kiss from me as well....

RIP sweet McCoy. I weep as I read of your loss and the unselfish act that you performed for him. I am thankful however that you have found our little home here on the net and know that we most certainly do understand how your heart is breaking right now... we hope that you stay with us and share Elvin with us

McCoy now has his angel wings and will watch over you for eternity... you have your own little angel now
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