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Diamonds made from cremated ashes (human or animal)

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I'm bored at work, so I was sitting around with some salespeople and one guy told me about this site. It is and they create diamonds from the carbon in cremated ashes from a loved one (person or pet!!!).

How crazy is that! However, I think it's pretty cool too! It'd be neat to have a diamond ring/necklace/whatever from a pet that meant a lot to you. Still kinda weirding me out though...I can't decide.

Here's a direct link to check out the pet part of it:

What do you guys think?

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Actually I think it is pretty weird yet very cool - What will they come up with next
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I think that is so cool! Not only could you have a beautiful heirloom, keeping your loved one with you forever, it would save rapidly filling land for cemetaries. With the cost of funerals rising so steadily, it could possibly even be cost effective, depending on how lavish a stone was made. I love that they can be inscribed with a message. They could be handed down for generations with family info on who the stone was and when they lived.
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Wow, that is quite a bit of money! Yet, considering burial costs...I just don't think I would want the actual remains of a person I love in a stone. It seems kinda creepy.

If the cost was way lower, it would be very nice to have a necklace with all my lost pets on it. I can't tell you why it is different for pets than for people, but it feels that way to me. Maybe because I am used to putting the pets in the yard, and keeping them close to me.

How about the rest of you, does it feel different for a person vs a pet?
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to me its cool, but something about not putting your animal to rest seems a bit aquard. I mean immagine you lil daughter wants to borrow your necolace takes that one instead and looses it...or other situations... just doesnt seem right
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i was just thinking about the whole losing it thing. ah! That would suck! Not only did you lose an expensive diamond, you mighta lost your grandma!!! aaaaaaaah!
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That's so weird! I have Abby's ashes in this really beautiful urn. I suppose I could have her ashes made into a diamond and glue the diamond to the urn, but that would be kinda weird. Like everyone else though, I think it's kind of cool, but weird at the same time.
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I dunno. I am really close to my mom, and for some reason that seems like a way she could be always with me, heaven forbid she goes anytime in the not so near future. I kind of like it. I was a little creeped out at first. but the more I think about it, the more I am okay with it.
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oh my! what if someone broke into your house and stole it?!?!
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I think that is a nice alternative to having someone buried or just cremated. It gives families alot more options.
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I don't know... I'd think it'd be kinda.... weird.
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I don't know about this one, Lacey. I guess I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to some things.
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I think it's weird, but I also think it's fascinating. I would never spend money on something like that though.
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It is fascinating, but I would never do it.

I can't believe the cost. It's WAY more money than a real diamond.
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Wow it is kind of weird to me but it is a nice thoughtful at the same time. I will pass this link to my mom.. thank you for posting it here.. wow..
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