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Prayers and good thoughts needed for -

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my dear little 2 year old Benji kitty boy. HE has been sick since May and the vet has NO idea what is wrong.

He is barely eating, or drinking and too tired to play. He WAS hyperthroid but NOW his WBC is WAY down and his platelets won't clump. Vet says not Leukemia but so far does not know what it is. He went out on harness and leash this morning at 8 am and came back in at 9 am and has been sleeping ever since.

I am just sick at heart. I don't know if he is suffering but DO know he is not enjoying life.

If the vet does not come up with a cure by Monday I am going to see about taking him and his bloodwork over 2 hours away to an internist, and just Pray I am doigng the right thing.

PLEASE keep him in your prayers and thoughts! It is not right for a baby not to enjoy life!
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Benji is in my thoughts and prayers! I hope that what ever is wrong is found and clears. You are doing the right thing, you want him to be well and that is because you love him. Love is the best thing you can give him and is always right
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I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope and pray that he gets well soon! You are doing the right thing by taking him to a specialist.

Please keep us updated

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He'll be in my thoughts.
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My Heart goes out to you and Benji, hopefully the blood work can find out what is wrong, it's alway's so hard to think they are not healthy and happy, you are in my thoughts and prayers
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I'll be thinking of your boy. I hope you find some answers, and he recovers soon.
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I am so sorry your furbaby is sick. It is so hard to watch and not be able to help. Sending Benji prayers and healing vibes.
You never know, TCS Board Magic is pretty strong.
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We've been battling a problem with Tuxedo's red blood cell count (though white blood cell count and platelets are low too) since March of 2004. At first they thought it was an autoimmune disease causing his terrible anemia. They tested him for Leukemia - and then did a bone marrow and spleen aspirate (like a biopsy) to determine what was going on inside his bone marrow (and his spleen was enlarged - processing the dead red blood cells).

Bottom-line - he was treated for an autoimmune disorder, then hemobart - and it turns out it's none of this. He's been tested for everything under the sun. They just don't know. But with antibiotics and steroids, he's been able to fight the anemia. However, he was treated for a low white blood cell count along the way....

You MUST see a specialist. In the meantime, if your kitty is losing too much weight too quickly, ask your vet about Azium (to increase his appetite) - or even simply receiving some subcutaneous fluids and a shot of B12. For some reason, subCue fluids always make them feel better, and it sure helped Tuxie's appetite when nothing else did. When you take Benji to the Specialist, ask about Neupogen. When Tuxedo's WBC count was very low and not improving, he received shots of Neupogen, and it worked (it was originally developed to treat humans with Kidney failure). (Cats can develop an immunity to Neupogen quickly, so make sure the vet or specialist is familiar with its use before they begin any treatment with it). And if the specialist doesn't have any answers quickly, have your vet contact the "Mayo Clinic" for kitties, the Bobst Animal Medical Center in New York City. They have two very experienced hematologists that can reveiw his file. Here's a link:

I know what you're going through, and I just sent up a prayer for your Benji!
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Wow, what sad news. I sure hope Benji starts feeling better soon. He looks just like my Festus. I hope the internist can be more help. I will pray for your wisdom and Benji's healing!
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I hope he feels better soon. You are doing the right thing by going to a specialist!
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My prayers are with you and Benji!
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Oh no, I'm so sorry! I really hope that the vet or the specialist is able to figure out what's wrong and fix it. I will absolutely be keeping poor little Benji in my thoughts, and hoping that he's well again soon - give him a pat for me. Please keep us updated!
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Precious little Benji, I'm praying for you! Please feel better very soon! You will certainly remain in my thoughts. Much love and many hugs coming your way.
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Prayers for Benji, that the specialist can find whats wrong and treat it and that he gets back to normal real quick. Hugs
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Any news?
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Benji, I hope they can find out what illness you have and cure it. Be a brave, strong little boy and know that your Meowmy loves you very much.

Heidi, I'm sending prayers and vibes for your baby boy to get healthy again.
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Sending stacks of good vibes for Benji - I hope the medics come through for him. Stay strong sweet boy
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Benji is in my thoughts!
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Still wondering how Benji's doing?
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Aww, the poor baby. Fingers crossed they can find out what is wrong with him soon.
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I hate it when animals get sick

Get well soon Benji
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