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6 months after 9/11 SIX MONTHS, weren't even interested or talking about the man who masterminded the murders of 3 thousand of my fellow they are obsessed with Saddam. AND the British ambassador back then wondered if it was a "Grudge" with Bush. I mean where the hell is bin Laden?

If I was in the military or had family there I would be so pissed right about now. I Mean I can blighely go about my business, but there are people whose entire lives were given for this, families shattered. And for what? I mean sure no one likes Saddam, but we had to make priorities, it's like I really want a leather jacket but I can't afford it now.
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That link doesn't seem to be working.

It's no surprise that parents are up in arms about schools turning student data over to military recruiters:
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Thanks. I am in shock, and I even knew this kind of thing was going on.
The minute the supreme court ok'd them in office they started planning this, 9/11 was incidental and just made it easier for them.

they can all rot in hell in my book. What they are doing to our country is beyond me, the money spent, the lives ruined.
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