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Approx How Long Does Drying Up Take?

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How long after weaning does it take for a cat's milk to dry up completely? The kittens have been completely weaned off their mom for almost 2 weeks now. She's gone down about 3/4. I am wondering if this is normal, or if I should worry. (I seperated the kittens from her because her nipples & teats had lots of red, swollen bite marks on them (the teats were also very red) and were obviously painful to her when touched even lightly. That +3 lamprey-esque creatures with extremely sharp teeth who try to suckle every time you lay down = extremely painful existence+no sleep)

Before you label me as a cruel, un-loving pet owner who needs to throw her cats outside so that they can find a "good" home, the kittens were already ravenously eating kitten chow then, and still are. (they can clear a 12- inch paper plate piled 2 inches high with chow in under 4 minutes). They eat that much. The mom is fine, still gets to see them, and isn't in total isolation, crying her guts out. Everyone is fine.

Please answer my question if you have the answer, and refrain from simply posting to call me unfit because i'm not letting them chew her nipples off, and expecting the swollen redness to go away in due time. It did not look that way.

(sorry for immediately going on the defensive, but i do not want to sift through 35 judgemental responses to find the actual answer to my question)
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HI. Calm down, it doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong, kittens cannot nurse forever. How old are they? If they are eating fine on their own then you are doing fine. I would maybe offer them some wet food too. You can put some bag balm on her nipples if they are red and raw. Hold a warm washcloth to her nipples to help the swelling go down. There is something females can get if the milk doesn't dry up and it is called something like mastitis I think. When that happens then it is good to hold a warm towel to the cat so might as well do it now and maybe that won't happen.
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