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i hope your friend is doing alright, it must be so tough on her. How unfortunate for this to happen, may Duke rest in peace. It just breaks my heart reading about this, that is one of the reasons why i hardly even venture to this board. i get very emotional reading the rainbow threads, and it hurts to even think about it. Even though they are not my furbabies, i still feel the pain.

*hugs to everyone*
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I have heard of a couple of "dryer" experiences with cats. When I was younger my cat had several litters and we gave one of her kittens to family friends who lived down the street. A couple years later one of the kids in the family didn't realize the cat was in the dryer and turned it on, and the cat died. Then about 10 years ago my dad and sisters' cat climbed in the dryer, but luckily there was just a sheet in the dryer and the dryer was right next to the kitchen, and it made a loud noise so my stepmom found the cat before it was too late and he was actually able to be saved and recovered fully. I am now borderline paranoid about that happening to me, although I now live in an apartment and do laundry outside of my apartment so that cuts down on some of the anxiety. I think this happens more than we'd hope.
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Oh my gosh, that had to be absolutely horrible. Poor kitty.
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I am so sorry about the little orange baby!! I am paranid about the dryer too - cats are so naturally drawn to heat and I have 2 sphynxes and 1 Siamese here so they all crave heat. And I have one extra litterbox not far from the dryer (Not by choice) but I am supercautious. Fortunately, this time of year, I rarely use it.
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