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I'm so worried about Kinah

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After Kinah got spayed, she started sneezing a little bit. I figured it was only a cold and it would go away quickly (Joshua was sneezing too when I first took him home and the vet said as long as he's eating, no worry).
Kinah was eating normally.

Now her sneezing is gone and she is still eating normally and more active than ever (she finally started showing some crazy kitten energy)
Except once in a while, she stops whatever she's doing and starts coughing for 10-15 seconds. She also started wheezing once in a while. Never while she's active or right after. Only when she's sleeping.

Just a few minutes ago I was at the computer and the cats were in the bedroom. I heard some high-pitched sounds and figured it was birds outside (there's a bird's nest right by the window). I went to the bedroom and the sound came from Kinah. She was wheezing so loud! I went to pet her, she was puring and with every breath she took in, it sounded like if she had swallowed a whistle.

She is going to the vet on Monday.

I'm hoping it's just a bacterial infection and it can be cleared up with antibiotics.
From what I've been reading online it could also be asthma.
I am deathly afraid of her having fluids in her lungs.

It breaks my heart to see her like that. She's only 5-6 months old. I've only had her for a couple of weeks but I've already grown so attached to her. Just the thought of possibly loosing her is unbearable. I've lost so many pets in the last few months.

Please send some good vibes to little Kinah.
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for her! Hopefully it's nothing serious.
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sending good vibes...I really hope it's nothing serious!!!

Please keep us updated!
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When I noticed she was wheezing a lot, I turned on the shower with only hot water, closed the bathroom door and waited a few minutes. Then I turned off the shower and took Kinah in the steam-filled washroom for a few minutes. That seemed to help.

She's now wheezing right now. She's sleeping peacefully on my bed. I think she might still be a little bit congested but it's hard to tell because as soon as I get near her she starts purring so loud.

Now I'm just dreading the next "attack". It's so scary.

Actually, I think I hear her wheezing again
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When was Kinah spayed?

After Chuckie was neutured he came down with a URI (i think it was...bad memory on my part ) and he had to be on antibiotic for about 5 days.

Sending lots of good vibes to Kinah.
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sending vibes
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I hope it's just an upper respiratory that some antibiotics will help fight. When you see your vet, ask him to do a fecal smear while you're there, just to rule out lung worm. We had the same symptoms with Flowerbelle, and our former vet kept treating her for an upper respiratory - when, in fact, she basically had "parasitic pneumonia." Had we not decided to get a second vet opinion, she would be dead now. And all it took to diagnose was a fecal smear to identify the lung worm. An X-ray confirmed it.

Sending positive vibes that all will be OK and easy to cure!
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I'm praying for you, Kinah! Please feel better soon!Please do keep us updated!
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You & sweet Kinah will be in my prayers.
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Thanks everyone.

Kinah seems to be ok right now. She hasn't had much problems since early afternoon.

It probably is just an URI.
I think I'm just overreacting because I have a lot of stress right now and this just adds to everything else.

I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll keep you posted.
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well, we're back from the vet.

Still not 100% sure what's wrong but the vet said it could be due to a herpes-like virus that most cats carry. She could have had a flare up due to stress.
But most likely she thinks it's an irritation due either to the spay surgery (having a tube down her throat during surgery) or asthma. So she gave me some steroid medication that will help if it's an irritation.
If the cough and wheezing goes away with the medication but come back after I stop the medication, it's most likely asthma. In which case we'll need to do x-rays to confirm the diagnosis and she'll have to keep getting medication for the rest of her life.

Hopefully the cough will be gone soon and it wont come back.

There is a small chance that medication would make it worse (if it is a virus) that's why I asked for the daily oral dose of steroid instead of the injection that's good for 2-3 weeks. The oral doses I can stop right away if she gets worst.

Wish us luck!
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I really hope that it isn't anything bad! Sending vibes that the coughing stops and she gets back to her own self again!!!
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