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Woah! O.O

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My dad is really into atronomy, so I borrowed his lazer pointer. My dog, Caeser, was playing with it like CRAZY! He ran after it, shred things up to get it, it was incrediable!

So, I tried the same thing with Princess, the playful one of my kitties. She loved it the same way.

You should try this!

Also, do you know what instinct drives cats and dogs to do this?!
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Their hunting instinct, I'd say.
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Laser pointers drives my kitties nuts too!
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ha, iwas playing with my cat last nightm the first time (years ago) that we played with them she kept spinning and running for hours after we stopped playing
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Guess what, fish and birds are attacted to the Laser pointers too.. I had a fish tank and would point it at the back wall of the tank and the fish would swim really fast after it. Birds try to peck at it, it must look like an insect or something to them. Our local pet store sells for them.
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Really? I should try that with the fish. What was wondering, Tricia, was why would that go after it if its not there? My rats don't go after it..
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Dexter could care less about our laser pointer but Sadie goes nuts & chases it all other the place. Just don't get the light in your furbabies eyes.
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I didn't know it would work with fish until we was at the pet store one day and they told us about it when i was picking a laser up for the cats. I tried it and my gold fish went after it and my friends bird also tries nipping or pecking at it... I am not sure about rats.. Hmmmm. different. I dont' know why they do it like someone mentioned hunting but there is no smell.. I think its just because its something moving quickly that catches there eye and sets them in play mode .. Not really sure..
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All 4 love the laser pointer. Did you ever try a regular flashlight on a wall or the floor? They love that too!!
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