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My good news!

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Ok I know I have been MIA (I have been busy with work and helping with the kitties at Petsmart) but for those of you that remember me, I just have to share my news!

Brendan proposed yesterday morning and is now my fiancee! I am sooooo excited. We're planning a wedding for summer of 2006.

School/work is over now so hopefully I'll be able to hang out here more. I miss my TCS buddies. Hope you are all well!
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Congratulations Beryl!!! I think Ebony and Lilly are already dressed for the wedding.

Good to see you around again too!
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How exciting! Congrats!
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Oh Beryl! This is wonderful!! I am SO happy for you! Details! We need details!!
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a wedding!!! super congrats dear Beth!!! what a sweet,
this deserves a special dance for you!!!!
Here we go:

My best wishes for you from the bottom of my heart!
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that's wonderful news...but, where are the details!?!?! How did he do it, where did he do it, what did he say? How's the ring look?

I need details, woman!!!
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Congratulatioins Beryl!!! And like everyone else has said, DETAILS!!!
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Beryl that's awesome news!!!

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Congratulations! Love must be in the air. That's the second proposal I've heard of today!
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Aww, congratulations to you both!

Yes, we must have details... dont leave anything out!
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, and welcome back!
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Congratulations Beryl!!!!

I was wondering where you've been, glad to see you come back with this wonderful news!
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Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
How exciting! Congrats!
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Lovely!! Congratulations!
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Hee hee, I've said it before but - congratulations! Now I have someone to help me plan/to whine to!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
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ok ok, so the details. Well my now fiancee Brendan and I have been together for 3.5 years. We just purchased a new home together, and he has known since we decided to buy the house that I really wanted to be engaged before we move in on July 6th.

So, I have know for awhile that a proposal was coming. Last week Brendan was finally ready to purchase a ring and we went back to the store together to pick out and buy the ring. Then I find out that he isn't going to let me just have the ring when it comes in he says, "I'm going to hang on to the ring and give it to you when you least expect it".

All week long I was a mess. We live together and I knew the ring was somewhere in our apartment but I couldn't have it. Finally Friday (6/17) rolls around which was a week from when he went to pick up the ring. I wake up and I'm getting ready for my last day of work before summer vacation (I am a teacher) and when I opened the door to the bathroom all wrapped in my towel after my shower he is on one knee in the doorway asking me to marry him.

So, not the most romantic tale in the book, but definitely true to his word ("I'll do it when you least expect it"). June 17 was the date he chose because its a close friend of my birthday that day and she got engaged on my birthday. He did it that morning because he really wanted me to be able to show off my new ring to my friends , coworkers, and students on the last day of school.

I think we'll be engaged for about a year and plan to get married next July. I am so excited about planning. Its going to be a hectic year!
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YEEEEEEEEEE! how cute!!!!
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Well, romantic or not, I still think it's cute! Congrats!!! We want to see new house pics!
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Aww Beryl, it is romantic because although, Brendan couldn't make the proposal a surprise, he did his best to make sure the way it happened would be surprising and memorable. He chose a time that he felt sure would mean something to you.

Not long now til you move in to your home. You must be so excited
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Beryl, congratulations!!!! You'll probably be very MIA now that you have a wedding to plan! Let us know how your wedding plans progress!
Again, congrats on buying the new home and starting your life together

PS- Wanna send any of that engagement luck my way?
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
PS- Wanna send any of that engagement luck my way?
hehe...good vibes coming right at ya.

btw...I am sad to report my gym attendance has been less than stellar. Hopefully with a wedding on the way I'll gain some new motivation.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Well, romantic or not, I still think it's cute! Congrats!!! We want to see new house pics!
ack, I still don't have any pics of the house since it's been done. I promise come july after we'll all moved and settled I'll post some pics inside and out!
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Congratulations!!! What wonderful news!!
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Congrats! What a wonderful way to surprise you! I would love something like that How did it go at school? Was everyone surprised?
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