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Question Re: kitten eating

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My cat had a litter of 7 kittens 5 weeks ago. Tommorow they will be going into there 6th week. Problem is that only 1 kitten is eating kitten food. I've tried moisten kitten chow and canned kitten food and the 1 will chow it down as soon as its placed on the floor. I will put the others around the plate and they smell it & walk away. About 3 of them drink water. The one whos eating food goes to the litter box and knows what to do. There mom is only 9 months old (yes unfortunatly, please dont send hate mail telling me she was to young to carry the kittens). So I dont know if its her inexperience but the babys are happy drinking her milk and thats it!

Please if you have any suggestions on how to get these cuties to eat cat food canned or dry I would appreciate it.

Iam so happy to have found this forum!
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have u tried watering down wet food so its kinda soupy? or dipping their paws in it so they'll lick them clean?
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The problem isn't the food, it's the fact that the kittens can't really see it. Are you using KMR to make it soupy? Or just water? For the ones who aren't eating the canned food. Buy a bag of Royal Canin Babycat 34 and put that down just dry- it's baby kibble. Often the ones not eating the canned food will go for the dry instead.

No one will send you hate mail, but please get your momcat spayed and make this her one and only litter.

Also try putting the food in small jar lids, and don't get frustrated- they will come off mom when the time is right- all of mine right now, with the exception of one is eating canned food, and still doing the bottle occassionally. I won't rush them, soon they all will be eating solid food because the milk isn't enough for them.
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Congrats on your babies. I am happy for you that all seven babies are doing well. Use the pointers, but know that soon enough they will be eating solid foods.

Welcome to TCS. We are not trying to give hatemail, it is just frustrating to know so many cats are unvalued. So many cats are euthanized needlessly. I'm sure you plan to do right by your Mommacat and your babies.
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I asked a question on another cat lovers web site re: the birth of the kittens since I have never had a prego cat. And I got like 20 replys stating that I should not let the momma cat have the babies and I was such a bad care taker to let her carry the babies. etc. There anger towards my/our situation really shocked me.
Today one more cat starting eating the dry food, so now there are 2 eating!
Thank you for all your help!
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