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Depressed Kitten Dying...Revisited

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I feel soooo guilty about this depressed little one.

A feral female gave birth and I took in her litter with the purpose of socializing and adopting them out. A feral life is a hard life. I already have 2 adults and 2 kittens (inside) from yet another feral litter.

So, at approximately 5 weeks of age and weaned, I brought the litter of 3 into my home and kept them safe, happy & healthy. They were eating wet & dry on their own, playing and just being kittens. All was well.

Waiting until they were close to 8 weeks of age, I finally found someone that adores felines and was in search of 2 kittens. He adopted 2 out of the 3 and the little runt was left with me.

She seemed fine except for her size. She was like a little teacup…she could sit in the palm of your hand at 7 weeks of age. The day after her siblings were adopted and gone, this little one, became very depressed. She ate but not much – she played but not much. I tried giving her extra attention and my other cats who were exposed to her tried playing with her, etc.

Within 3 days of her littermates being adopted, she died. Her symptoms: lethargic, little appetite, severe diarrhea, no litter box use…almost like her internal organs were failing.

I had a vet. appointment for my other kittens (2nd baby shots) on Monday afternoon and intended to sneak her into the appointment – she past Sunday evening. I described her symptoms to my vet., who believes it was FIP. This assumption is of course, without seeing her.

In speaking with the owner of the adopted siblings, he said one of his new kittens became extremely ill within days of having her and he rushed her to an emergency vet. call. They administered fluids and antibiotics and thank-goodness, she is now fine. She was knocking on the door to “the bridge†from what I was told. He isn’t sure what the final diagnosis was but said it was an intestinal parasite “thingâ€.

Here comes the major guilt: my little one could have been saved if I brought her to the vet. immediately. It couldn’t have been FIP if his kitten was saved. I am trying to contact his vet. to find out what the diagnosis was on his kitten. Just have to know for my own self. I feel terrible.

I feed & shelter a colony of 7, I have 2 adults & 2 kittens on the inside…financially I am drained. Every extra dollar goes into food, toys, medicine or a visit to my vet. My inside kittens are 3 months of age and already I’m starting to save for their spay & neuter when they are of age. If I would have had the funds, that little sick depressed kitten would have gone to the vet. via helicopter if I had it my way.

Sorry, for the post being so long. Just wanted to get it out and maybe the lesson to be learned is…if I can’t afford to the best for these feral little ones, maybe I shouldn’t do anything at all. I don’t think that is right either though. Just venting again.
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dont be so hard on yourself, your best is all anyone can ask of yo. you have saved countless lives and prevented contless kittens being born into misery.

at least the kitten knew love in its short life, something it wouldnt have known had not intervened.
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There is nothing you can do now for the one that died. At least the other 2 are doing o'key. Definetly do find out the diagnosis because your cats had been exposed to whatever that is, and talk to your vet to see if anything need to be done to prevent them from getting sick.
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Well, that is just sad. Poor little sprite. Sometimes a cat is the runt because they are just tiny, but sometimes it can be something wrong. At least she had the chance for some love and care. If the other one got sick, too, it was probably something contagious. Maybe if it was difficutl for the other cat to recover from, she wouldn't have survived anyhow?!?

Is there an organization near you who can help with $$ ? I foster, but the agency covers all vet costs for the foster pets. Some agencies need warm, caring homes more than they need cash, and will be willing to pay for your colony's needs.

I found two kittens this winter, and fostered them out and they were vetted and adopted at no cost to me.
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Is there an organization near you who can help with $$ ? I foster, but the agency covers all vet costs for the foster pets. Some agencies need warm, caring homes more than they need cash, and will be willing to pay for your colony's needs.

I found two kittens this winter, and fostered them out and they were vetted and adopted at no cost to me.

Yes, she was very tiny for her age. I'll never know if she would have survived or not if I could have taken her for an emergency vet visit.

As far as an agency in my area, I have contacted so many with very little help. There seems to be 2 major organizations in my area where 1 agency helps with TNR and the other aids in adoptions. They are supposed to be working together but they really do not--ego problems with 1 of those organizations. I have contacted SPAY USA several times and they did say they would fund TNR for the colony I have. Good news! Still waiting for that check though...have to call them again next week.

I was told by 1 organization that because this litter was very young, they would not assist in adoption until they were 8 wks. of age...I can understand that. It just so happens that I found someone on my own to adopt most of them. The other organization wanted to take my little ones to a shelter. I couldn't do that. I took one look at those small steel cages and walked out the door with them. I guess that organization wasn't too happy with my "comments" regarding caging & caring for felines...especially socialized feral kittens.

So, we are back to square one. I still have a colony of 7...some of which are in heat (of course) and I would bet that I will be faced with another litter or two. I just can't turn my back on those little ones, so I end up bringing them in...even bottling feeding around the clock if needed. I could I not. I guess sometimes the effort is more relevant than the outcome.
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Oh, too bad. Maybe call various vets, and let them know your situation, and see if they will help. Because I am in a rural area, I think the vets work at a slower pace and are more friendly. My vets house is right next door to his office. I'm sure his monthly expenses are less than in Long Island. But if you call, and tell them the situation, maybe you will get lucky.

I saw someone on this site trying to raise money for a $500 cat tree for her cat. (I think it was partially a joke.) I wonder if you did something like that if people would pitch in. It was on E-Bay, and it is something new. You could talk to the vet, and see if you could raise say $250 and have it sent directly to his office, if he would give you a 20% discount...

It is very sad to know the city will spend more money gathering and euthanizing cats, than you want to care for them!

I am very lucky to be connected to 2 very helpful agencies!
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Animalkind, Inc. - Hudson
Animal Outreach & Rescue - Amsterdam
Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons - Wainscott
Art for Animals
Atlantic Beach Cats - Atlantic Beach
Canastota Operation WildCats - Canastota
CSM Stray Foundation - Kew Gardens
Feral Cat Focus - East Aurora
Feral Cat Friends, Ltd. - Montgomery
Furever Animals, Inc. - Montgomery
Go Far - Oneonta
Muffins Pet Connection - Brooklyn
Nassau County SPCA - Hewlett
Neighborhood Cats, Inc. - NYC
New York City Feral Cat Council - NYC
Oswego County Animal Welfare League - Oswego
Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) - Ithaca
Slope Street Cats - Brooklyn
Spring Farm Cares - Clinton
Tompkins County SPCA - Ithaca


You probably already know about them. Have you posted at the SOS and Feral threads? Maybe someone there can help.

I do think most cat organizations start by saying "NO" when you first call. So many people want disposable pets with no cost, that they get overwhelmed. Maybe if you call and say your kits are gone now, and you are available to foster some for them, you will get your foot in the door. Then they will be more likely to help you. (I don't know, but it might work!)
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The poor kitten, but maybe this one just wasnt meant to live. Please dont stop doing what you can, just think of the lives the cats you have helped would have had without your help.
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I am sorry to hear of the loss of your little one. My heart goes out to you.
It sounds like you are doing the best that you can with what you have, and right now that is all you can do. Doing something, no matter how small is better than nothing.
I know it is different in an urban setting than in the rural setting. When I was in the country the vets seemed to be more willing to help, than the ones that I have to deal with in the city. Keep trying and good luck with the ferals that you have.
RIP little one.
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Thanking everyone for their support.

Something is better than nothing...still feeling sad about this little one's passing though.

In having yet another conversation with the owner of 2 that were adopted he also feels not too much could have been done with the runt that I had kept. Again, the smaller of the two that he took become extremely ill and a wopping $650.00 New York dollars saved her life. His kitten remained on an IV for 24 hours and was treated for worms and/or intenstinal parasites. She did make a complete comeback and her and her sister are being spoiled rotten

So, two out of the three from the litter will live a very spoiled happy & healthy life. That does make me feel a bit better.

Thanks again for all the kind words.
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