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old cat new cat.

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Ok We have a real problem here. I'm moving back home sometime in the next few months. I'm spending a few days home so I can figure out what I'm doing school wise in the fall. If I'm accepted into the program I will be home in Erie for 2 years. My sister just got a cat a few weeks ago named Able. He's about 7lbs, really small 1 year old. Limerick is about 12 lbs and about the same age. Limerick is an only cat and has been for the past year or so. He has had the run of both my apartment and my parent's house since I adopted him a year ago in august.
I have been worried about Limerick and Able meeting, and true to form it was a mess. Able is a very happy go lucky cat, he doesn't really care that there is a new cat in the house. He wants to play with Limerick and seems confused that Limerick feels otherwise. When Able realize there was a new cat in the house he began to play and act like a kitten, something he hadn't done since he came home. Limerick hissed at first sight of Able and was backing away as fast as he could. He's scared. Limerick was standing on the steps, Able ran up to see him, this causes Limerick to hiss and defend himself, claws and all. As a result, Limerick has spent the past hour or so hiding in his carrier in my room. We've moved his food, water and litter box up there too.
I don't want Limerick to spend the next few months confinded to one room and neither I nor my sister plan to give up our cats.

How can we make Limerick more comfortable around his new roomate??
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First of all back away and start introductions slowly and gradually. You will need to confine one cat for awhile until they get used to each other. Perhaps you and your sister can trade off, and confine Limerick for a week, then confine Able for a week- that way the cats will leave their scents in the house and get used to each other. You need to go on their schedule, and not yours, and many times when you put two cats together to quickly you really set yourself back because cats remember that first initial exposure and will have their guard up-
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