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Cheeta Cubs

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Has anyone else been checking the Cheeta Cubs at the Smithsonian National Zoo out on thier webcam? They are soooo cute! They aren't always visible but they were when I just checked. They were playin next to thier Mama! So sweet!
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I am transfixed!
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How cool!
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thats awesome! She's bathing awwww she even looked up at the cam and you could just see her glowing eyes hehe
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Thanks for posting that link, So cool Thanks
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haw cute! shhhhhh! there sleeeeping!
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I have bookmarked that site to check in on them later and have a peek, but I saw the still pictures and they are such beauties.
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where are they??? :-o lol
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I love Cheetahs! They are my favorite "big cat"
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Not seeing anything right now... They are sleeping I bet... Am going to try later Monday!!!
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Must be sleepy babies! I have it up so I'll keep checking in!
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OMG I was just watching them playing They are soooooooo cute Even Momma made her debut
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Wasn't able to get anything but a black screen -- what do I do ? ?

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Originally Posted by winwin
Wasn't able to get anything but a black screen -- what do I do ? ?


I think just let it load. They are there right now playing and Momma is walking around with them
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The babies are out playing
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Napttime in Cheetahville.
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awww theyre playing! sooo cute.. i think amberthebobcat should have one of these hehe
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awww the baby is playing with the moms tail
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Originally Posted by jcat
Thanks for sharing Tricia!
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