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Looking for a mentor

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Preferably in Washington State, but anyone who knows their stuff will do. I know a few people on here breed Bengals. I'm looking into joining the show circuit and possibly, POSSIBLY breeding my own line of Bengals in the distant, distant, DISTANT future. But I'm a dunce when it comes to cat shows (dog shows, I'm a bit better at).

I know breeding costs a lot of money and time. I would not do it if I did not have enough of both, and only if I could help the breed. I do currently have a young F3 hybrid male, and he will be nuetered. I know that altereds can be shown, but I also know that foundation hybrids cannot be shown as they are not recognized. They have to be to SBT generation and considered domestic before they can be put in the show ring under the breed heading.

However, can an altered hybrid be shown under the household pet category, or is he pretty much just ruled out for showing? I don't really have any interest in titling him or getting ribbons or anything, I was just hoping to possibly use him to get a feel for showing at one point or another. If not, that's fine. I do have moggies I can show in the altered pet category as well, so if my bengal can't be shown its not a big tragedy.

This is just something I'm thinking about, but even just thinking about it I want to do it right. I have become fascinated with this breed through research (before getting one), vicariously (my mother has a seal point lynx snow bengal, and my sister has the sibling of my own F3), and now through my own.

Do the later generation SBTs have to be bred back to foundation stock to maintain their lines, or are the bengal traits already locked in enough that you can simply breed SBTs with other SBTs of the same desired traits and maintain them as typey bengals?

Any advice anyone can give me I'd greatly appreciate, as well as any help with the show circuit. Thanks!!
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I am no expert but call the local cat club aka the folks that put on the shows and see ... My humble at best understanding is that nearly all cats can be shown in the household catagory but an f3 would not be allowed in the " main event"
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I spent a lot of time researching breeders before I committed to one. I have two mentors, one for breeding and one for showing. For showing I go to Vicki at Koppiekatz. She campaigns her cats which a lot of breeders cannot afford to do both in the time factor and cost factor. For breeding advice I go to Christine at Calcatta, she consistantly breeds fabulous typey cats and she is where I got my breeder queen from.

I've never thought of entering an F-3 into a hhp competition so I couldn't tell ya if they allow it or not. GL with your search!
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There are some good breeders close to you! Join TICA if you haven't already! Also join TIBBA (The International Breeders Assoc) & TIBCS (The International Bengal Cat Society). There are a-lot of breeder members in those groups & if nothing else join Bengals-L - yahoo group you will see discussions on all sorts of Bengal issues from mainly Bengal Breeders!

Good Luck!
Kerrie Lasso
Wee Little Cats Bengals
A TICA Outstanding Cattery
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