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Who's #1 with your furrbabies?

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So, my boyfriend and I were discussing this last night. We have 2 cats, Sammy and Lola. Sammy is "my cat", since I got him when I was living at home. Lola is supposed to be "Pete's cat" because he wanted a kitten but wasn't allowed to have one where he was living at the time, so I took care of her for him (by this time I was living in a shared townhouse). Then we moved in together. Well, the thing is, although the cats each clearly like us both, they have their first choice human. Sammy's first choice is definitely Pete and Lola's first choice is definitely me...........Thay've got it backwards

So, I was just your house, who's the number 1 choice for each of your kitties?
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I'm definitely #1 with Waffle, but she has a *different* kind of relationship with Brendan. She's not the TCS hussy for nothing.
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Rusty--anyone who will love him
Babycakes-supposed to be mine, but is a definite daddys little girl
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All the kitties love their dad but they definitely love me more.
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Before me and my hubby were married, both cats love their daddy more. Since I am staying at home most of the time now, I guess both of them decided to love me more. I might be getting a job soon, I dunno what will happen to them. I wish I can stay at home all the time.
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Spaz and Trouble prefer me.
Shadow, Vash and Cassi prefer Jeremy.
Ivory is too young to care yet, she just wants to play and explore.
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Chloe is definitely my kitty. She loves DH too, but she much prefers me over him. (As I type she's snoozing in my lap...)

Iris is more of a daddy's girl, but she'll become best buddies with anyone who gives her attention. She loves me because she knows I control the food and I have long fingernails that are good for scratching.
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I am number one with Dutchy the queen of the castle, and Loki, and Bellie..

But..Jellie and Jade prefer steve, and Halen is steves boy and does like him..

everyone else takes whomever is free for scritches..
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Cute thread!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I could have guessed that! Do your two little angles have any favorite visitors?
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Sophie goes to anyone, but Rosie is rather shy until she gets to know you, but her favourite is Matt my nextdoor neighbour because as soon as she hears him in the kitchen she runs downstairs and she's all over him like a rash!
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I would have to say my hubby is forsure number 1 with Jeanie and Ive - The rest of them pick me as number 1 - well then again I would have to say there is a tie with Ricky he loves my son and I pretty well equal..
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I hate to admit it, but Ivo's #1 is my ex-neighbor (her "Uncle" Brian). She and I have bonded, but when Brian visits it's all about him
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I am #1 in my furkids lives.
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I'm my sweet girl's one and only!
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ME!! DEFINITLY ME!! joey sleeps with me. follows me around. PROTECTS ME!! OMG there was a time when my friend and i were goofing around and my friend playfully punched me and joey hissed at him!! Plus my friend didn't know the meaning of the word DOOR until he tried to climb into my window and joey attacked him! joey even follows me into the bathroom!! So I'M MOST DEFINITLY #1 TO HIM!!
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I am, but then, we live just the five of us, so there are no other humans with them on a daily basis, so I'm pretty much the only option they have! The first year I was at university I lived on campus and Meeko and Esmeralda lived at home with my mom where I'd lived up until then, and I only got to see them a couple of weekends a month. During that year, Meeko definitely developed a preference for my mom and would actually snub me when I came home (I think he was hurt that I left), but once I moved into my apartment last year and he started living with me again we became very close again (he is still thrilled when my mom visits, and loves her, though).
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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
I'm definitely #1 with Waffle, but she has a *different* kind of relationship with Brendan. She's not the TCS hussy for nothing.

I have had Sasha since he was 1 week old at best, so I am his person....although he adores Eric and loves him just as much, I really believe it. He knows Eric helped saved his life after the coyote when Eric held him upright as I was driving 120 mph to the ER. I think he really knew that.

Little Miss Diva, a/k/a Saba, I am hers and only hers.
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Cats: Whoever was the last to feed them is their favorite of the hour.

The birds favorites are muhc more written in stone.
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Trent is definitely Mommy's Boy, but he has this strange thing that when I'm gone too long, like when I'm at work, he will decide he only wants Daddy. I think he tries to make me jealous!

Ophelia is most assuredly Daddy's Girl. Hands down, end of discussion. She loves her Daddy!
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Stumpy, Scarlett and Koko definitely favor my husband. The dogs are also my husbands (they are young and he plays harder than I do).

Tigger, Eightball, Oscar and Emily will have nothing to do with my husband.

Sage favors Scarlett. For people he favors whoever is closest to Scarlett.

The rest lean strongly towards me - most times they are with me but do sit by my husband when I'm not available or my lap is too full.
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Elmo, Holly, Sophie, Bridget, Dance, Wicket, Bubbles, Alf & Schapelle prefer me!

Muffin, Lonestar & Benja prefer my mother.
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Simon loves to snuggle with me in bed the most, but his always sits on his daddy's lap at the computer!

Elle is a daddy's girl! For now that is
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I am Baker's! Only me

Brandon is Cola and Tango's. Daddies little girls all the way!

I am hoping that Massey will claim me so we are even
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