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Bert's Update

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Hi everyone!!! I haven't been able to visit the site in a while and I wanted to let everyone who emailed me, how Bert was doing. I got to tell you it is a lot of work, taking care of cat that is a Diabetic. I have to hurry home at night to make sure I give him his insulin around the same time everyday, and since I work about 30 minutes away, with traffic it is very hard. He also has gotten very fussy about eating, so I've been trying all kinds of cat food to see which one's he will eat, so far he has been eating this brand called Wellness. He doesn't eat as much as he use too, I wonder if that is normal? The first time I took him to the Vet., not knowing what was wrong his sugar was 423, the last time I took him it had gone down to 220, so the Vet told me she wants to see him in 3 weeks. He sleeps a lot still and is aways looking as to what I am cooking and eating and meows at me, for me to give him some, that I don't understand, I don't know what he wants half the time. I think he is doing much better, I am happy that his sugar has gone down. If anyone has an advise, please feel free to contact me. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!
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I just wanted to say that it's great that he's doing so much better! He's very lucky to have you for a mom
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You sure do have your hands full taking care of Bert. He is sure lucky to have you as his Mom!! I really don't have any knowledge on diabetic cats but if you go to www.vetinfo.com you will find an array of usefull information about cats It was very usefull to me(AND STILL IS) because I have a 16 year old cat that has had her share of medical problems this year. There are also many well informed ladies on this web site ,just give them a few days to answer, as I am sure they are busy with upcoming holiday preparations. Keep up the good work with Bert,and don't forget you can always the vet to answer your questions. Heck that is what you pay him for.May you and Bert have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2002 !!!
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Irene - how is Bert doing? I never had a diabetic cat,but had a Doberman who had diabetis. Her eating habits changed too after we got the sugar under control. Onyx lived to be 17 - so a long and happy life is possible even with this!
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