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cats and cables

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I would like to know if there’s a way to keep cats from chewing cables. Last night Andy made a mess with my brother’s phone charger, he’s extremely angry.
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Try tieing them together to prevent them from moving or block the area off competely.
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Here's a pretty good guide to basic Cat Proofing.

Cat Proofing
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They actually make a product to stop your cat or kitten from chewing cords, or you can go get some flex-tubing and wrap the cords around this. Or measure the cords, cut sections of boards for the distance, then duct tape the cords to the boards and flip the board so the board side is showing toward the room.

I think kittens and cats think plugs cords and drapery string are mouse tails- you don't want the kitten chewing on cords because of possible burns and or electrocution. Not pretty! I'll see if I can find that link to the product to stop cats from chewing on cords.
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Here ya go, scroll down to Stop Shock

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Thanks for the replies , I bought some stuff and used it in the back of the tv only, too many cables.
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If there's too many cables or too disorganized a mess (my situation) to bundle and duct-taping isn't feasible, something that may work is a cat deterrent. One of my cats is a cable chewer. She also abhors citrus scent. So I bought some of that air freshener refill oil in citrus scent (I think Glade is the brand) and removed the wick in the bottle and poured some on a cotton ball and placed on a coaster (not me, ha ha) in the vicinity of the cables. She stays away because she doesn't like the smell.
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Sounds like something good to try. Thanks Coaster.
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de nada
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