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Vomiting issue

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Hi everyone. Let me just apologize in case I've maybe posted this in the wrong spot or if it has been answered recently. My poor cat is having issues keeping his food down. At first I thought it was because he eats too fast. However, this morning he's thrown up 3 times, the last two of which consisted of white foam which looked to me to be saliva. Vomiting has been an issue with him a bit and when I took him to the vet she told me he was in perfect health. We've had him for 10 months and he's two years old, he was kind of a cast off and we took him in.

I'm really not sure if it's behavioral or a health issue. He's one of those cats that likes to be the center of attention all the time and when we're getting ready for work, that's when he seems to vomit. What I don't understand is that he always has food, yet he still scarfs it down like we're going to take it away and that also leads to him vomiting.

The vet recommended giving him 1/4 of a Pepcid AC tablet and I was wondering if anyone else had tried this. I just feel so bad, it's not like he can tell me what's wrong and as soon as he finishes getting sick he runs and hides and thinks I'm mad at him. Which I'm completely not..I'm just frustrated that I can't help him. Anyway, any tips would be really helpful. Thank you in advance!
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Pepcid is commonly given to cats with stomach upset, so you can certainly give it a try under the advice of your vet. You might also try a couple of techniques to keep your cat from eating so quickly. You can elevate the bowl a few inches using a phone book. This slows them down some. Or, you can serve the food in a flat tray, like a cookie-sheet. Since the food is spread out, they have to slow down to eat it all. When do you feed your cat? Do you feed him while you're getting ready for work? If so, that could explain the timing of his episodes.
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It could be because he is eating too much too fast, so slow him down, either as suggested by elevating the bowl or by feeding him little and often. If you have to go out to work etc put small bowls of food around the house, so that he has to hunt for it. There are also large plastic balls you can buy, that you fill with dry food, and the cat has to chase them so that the food slowly falls out. Good luck.
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I use pepcid in my kidney child it works for her
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I'll definitely try the Pepcid. I had no idea that if you elevate the bowl it will slow him down. Makes sense though. I'll try them both. Thanks for your help! He seems to be able to keep everything down now but I anticipate that he'll be eating too fast again tomorrow. Thanks again!
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I'm having this same problem with one of my cats. She eats all of her food in a flash, then eats my other cat's food too. Then she pukes.

Or she'll eat the small amount we give her and then she pukes.

Sometimes there are hairballs in her puke, other times there aren't.

I guess I could try the Pepcid, but how much do I give her?

Do you give it to your cats everyday?

I'm so tired of cleaning up puke. I'd take her to the vet, but she doesn't exhibit any signs of illness. She's just a bulemic cat it would seem...and she hasn't lost any weight.

She's also very needy of attention, much like the cat you described in the original post.
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I'd go with the slow-down techniques described in the posts above. Pepcid isn't going to prevent puking due to eating too fast.
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