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I'm New Here!

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Hi all!

I am MammaCat married to DaddyCat and we have four kitties, Basia, Dubya, Jewel and Tiger. Basia and Dubya are 4 years old and Jewel and Tiger are one years old. They are our life and I can't imagine how we got along without them before. We hate to go anywhere longer than a few hours because we worry about them being alone. They all get along great except, of course, for Basia and Dubya. They don't really fight but Basia likes her "privacy" and Dubya invades every once in a while and that kicks up a litte storm, if you will, but other than that, they love each other.

I will be posting more pictures later. This site is wonderful. My husband found it and I am so grateful because it's a place where we can express our love for our "children". There are many people out there that don't have pets that can't understand how we get all unglued over certain looks our kitties give us!

Just the other day we had a problem though. We changed the type of kitty litter we normally used to a new brand. Well, one of the kitties didn't like it so they went poop in the hallway. I had to run to Meijers to get some Tidy Cat Litter like we always had and change their litter pans. They are just fine now. We won't be doing that no more!! We feel it was Tiger, the newest addition to our family. We found here outside in November, freezing and hungry, poor little girl. She's fine now and is just now starting to come out of her shell around other people and with us actually.

I will post more later and have a great day all!
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Welcome to TCS, MommyCat! (posting from the other side of our computer room! )
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Welcome to TCS.....my cats are Tidy Cats cats all the way.

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Welcome to TCS Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat and all your Beautiful Furbabies Hope you all enjoy it here, there's plently of wonderful people and help, Just ask and you shall receive What a pretty Kitty family you have also
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Hi there and Welcome to TCS!
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welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Welcome to TCS to you both!
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Wishing you and your kitters a very warm welcome!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like your kitties have you well trained. I can say that because I know we've thrown out or given away more than one perfectly good kitty item, usually wet food or treats, because it just isn't suitable for them. And I would definitely have been running to the store to get the litter they prefer.
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Welcome to TCS Mommy and Daddy Cat Cute Your babies are Sweet
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums...
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