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Hi! I'm a newbie

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Hi everyone, I'm new. I've got one kitty named Rugger aka Ruggerfish aka The Fish aka Vincenzo Ruggerio aka Vincent Von Rugger. I found this site because I was desperatly searching for some behavior advice.
He's a boy cat and comletely goofy. A big dork, just like his mom.

I live in Philadelphia with my Husband & Rugger and I own a dog & cat boutique called "The Chic Petique" (I promise that I will not be a shameless self-promoter!)

The rest of me is subject to change without notice

Hi Everyone!

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Greetings and welcome! Great to have you here!

I saw your post about Rugger attacking...don't know what else to say about that...I'm glad he's back on track (hopefully).

Lots of good people here! Have fun!

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Hello and Welcome!!Nice to meet you!! This is a great site and Im sure you'll make tons of friends here and get plenty of info!! (Just watch out for that Bill character - hes a weird one him.....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha :tounge2: )
By the way - love the name Rugger!! Cool!! Enjoy yourself here and hope to see you around often!
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Thanks Bodlover! Rugger is a rugby player just like his mom! (When I got him I was playing flanker for Temple University and his markings looked a lot like our uniforms - grey & white!)

I'll remember to keep an eye out for the infamous Bill hehehehehe.
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Awww cute!! Any pics of the little guy?!! (any action shots of him playing rugby?!!)....
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I don't have any pics handy, but I'll have to bring some to work so I can post them!

He's a sweetie - grey & white mask, grey back, white underside & white legs w/ a little black nose & big yellowy-green eyes.

How about your kitty(s)?
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I have six kitties at the moment....two are long haired gray and white tabbies - mostly white, Merle and Shandy, they are brother and sister who I got from a rescue centre, I have Boddington (my special baby) who is a podgy domestic shorthair, all black and the cuddliest baby ever!! (He has a double chin bless him!!), then I have Monty a psychotic black Cornish Rex who is totally nuts and likes to head butt things - including us!! then there is Ash who is a ginormous grey/blue Maine Coon - he weighs in at about 16 pounds now!! hes the oldest of the lot and only recently moved in with us.....then there is Pip...what can I say about him??!! He is a 11 week old kitten - tan tabby and hes closely following in Monty's footsteps!! he's a nutter!! But he is soooooo cute and still has that yummy kitten smell!! There are some pics somewhere on this site....but I think they are a loooooong way back now...if you feel like searching for them sometime, they'll be there!! Can't wait to see pics of your baby, if you need any help...just yell!!
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Welcome to our furry family!
Meow to you all!
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Welcome to the cat site....good to meet you
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Glad to have you aboard! Any questions about how things work, feel free to holler.

The boutique sounds cool! What kind of stuff do you sell? I'd love to hear more!
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Hi and welcome! I'm new too.
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I'm so glad I found this place. Everyone is so friendly!

Thanks so much for all of the hellos and offers to help.

Deb25 - I don't want to go on & on about my admittedly wonderful & fantastic store so here's a link to a great article a local paper did on us the other day:


Thanks for asking!!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to have you here!
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Welcome to the best site on the web!

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Congratulations on your new store!!! I went to your site and how awesome girl!!! It's so nice to have you here with us! I'm glad you provided us with a link to your story, but are you going to get your store online soon

It'd be really fun to look through all the goodies you're selling. I was also reading that you were promoting animal shelter/welfare in your store...that's really wonderful.

Good luck to you and please post some pics of Vincenzo soon! :laughing2 I love that name

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Thanks Catarina!

We will have a website up in the next few months, I think. We don't want to get in too deep as yet!
I probably shouldn't say this, but... my favorite cat stuff that we have comes from 3 companies - George http://www.georgesf.com/ , Cats with an Attitude (have to get through a distributor) and FatCat http://www.fatcats.com/flash_site/splash.html - check 'em out.
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Thanks I'll check them out I'm sure they have some really cool stuff, but I'll wait till you get yours up before I purchase anything! hahaha! Keep it in the family! hahaha


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Hi!! I don't think I got the chance to say welcome to you before, so I wanted to make sure I did!! Welcome!! I hope you enjoy it here!!
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