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Vonage Broadband phone service

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Does anyone have Vonage phone service? It looks really attractive to me, since we are going to get an actual phone line set up when we move (for the past seven years I've only used my cell phone service). I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this. We were planning on getting a DSL cable connection (through Verizon) or Comcast cable internet again- so the Vonage would work with those.

Any suggestions?
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I know a couple who jumped on Vonage when it first hit, and so far, they are pleased.

The biggest negative I have heard was in a news story on NPR that said there were issues with VOIP phone services and being able to dial 9-1-1. Supposedly there is upcoming legislation to make 9-1-1 availble to all. Some woman was interviewed who had her husabnd collapse and could not get a 9-1-1 call through on her VOIP. By the time she ran to a neighbor's and called, he could not be revived by paramedics.
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Apparently they have a new thing where you register your address online and you are able to make 9-1-1 calls from your house, so that isn't a problem anymore at least.
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Nope, I've never heard of it but then again look at my location!
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Smurfland! How fun is that I guess you wouldn't get phone service there
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Vonage is great, I can call my sis n law in Canada with the plan for international. You do register your number and address so that the 911 option works. If you need to get 'security' like Brinks, then the Vonage or VOIP may interfere with the security system and not work. That's the only downside. Otherwise, great service, we're still with them after 2 years or so
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You can read reviews of Vonage and other Voice of Internet companies at http://www.broadbandreports.com/gbu
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I like vonage alot.... the only problem to me is you have to a credit card to get it turned on & you have to have to have it billed to the credit card...... if i could hav e it my way i would have the bill mailed to me like any other bill
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Thank you for the link Stephen. I will check that out tonight. It just seemed like a good deal. When I compared what I would pay for Comcast cable internet plus Vonage, it was $9 less than what my brother pays for Verizon DSL and local phone service. The added benefits of having call forwarding, long distance and voicemail also seemed nice.
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I have it, LOVE IT, and it doens't bother me not having 911 sinc I do still have a cell as well. I never use the whole time and I have the smaller plan. I save more than I would trying to get a house phone as well.... In our area they sure do jack up the phone costs lately!!! I love it....
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