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Sick Cat? Pink Eye???

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I just noticed that one of my cat's (Byron) eye is a little red. He hasn't been around any new cats. Can a cat just get sick for no reason? He is an indoor only cat. He is eating-boy is he eating!! and drinking. I cleaned his eye with a warm washcloth. The eye had a little liquid on it. He has no discharge coming from nose. Do cats get pink eye? That's what it looks like. Neither of my kids have pink eye, but my son does go to
preschool - if he was around a child that had it and then came home to pet
Byron could the cat catch it?? I always tell my son to wash his hands when
he comes home, but sometimes he pets the cat before he does. I just didn't
have the money to take him to the vet right now - I just had some major
expenses this past month-my husband just had to have surgery, and so much
more. I was trying to save money to take the cat who had kittens to the vet
to be spayed as it is. Are there any home remedies for something like what I
am describing. I have already separated Byron from all my others. I am
keeping him locked in my bedroom until he is better. If I have to take him
to the vet, I will, but I was hoping that it is not serious.

I changed cat litters recently. I used to use tidy cats multi cat and
switched to tidy cats multi cat with crystals. Do you think that it could
cause a cat's eye to be irritated? This is the only thing different in his
routine. I did change the litter box earlier today before I noticed his
eye. Could the dust maybe affected his eye?

None of the other cats have it.

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Eye irritations are very common. Could just be a little dust or could have scratched it by accident or got poked in the eye. You are doing good with cleaning it with a warm washcloth. I use clear eyes or a similar product on my persian when his eyes get irritated. There is something we use at my shelter that starts with a B and I will check what it is called tomorrow when I go in to work, I can't remember now but it works really well.

If it keeps up or gets worse then call the vet and ask for advise, he will probably give you Antibiotic Ointment of some kind (there are a few). Good luck.
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Absolutely, Simmie, Jen is very right. You live in upstate New York?? And hasn't the Spring been very cool this year right up until this past week or so? There are pollen spores that are airborn, whether or not your little guy is outside, and shedding also occurs, even with indoor kitties....it's quite common at this time of year for eye irritations. When Sasha, now 13, was a kitten, he has these pesky eye irritations where he'd develop something similar to pink eye, and I swear, he's transfer it eye to eye in cycles. We got a good antibiotic ointment from the vet, very inexpensive, and they went away...but every Spring until age 2 or 3, they'd return.
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I still couldn't figure out the name of that stuff that starts with a B, the label was ripped off.
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