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I need HELP!!

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I have three cats, Prescious, Becca, and Rogue. Prescious and Becca have been with me for one year now. Recently I have moved from a small two bedroom apartment to a spacious three bedroom house with a full basement. Three weeks after we moved in I saw Baby Rogue in a pet shop and fell in love with her. The problem is that one of the three are peeing on my husband's side of the bed. It happened yesterday and I had to clean and bleach the matress and I thought that would be the end of it but it happened again today. I can't figure out why!!! I have three litter boxes in the basement and they get food in their own bowls. Does anyone have any advise or a possible reason or solution?????? I'm getting DESPERATE!!! My husband is so upset he's threatned to give my babies away !

Thank you
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I would put a box on the main level as well, especially since you have a kitten..I assume baby rouge is a kitten. Kittens dont always judge so well on the potty time. Also you will want to get some Enzyme cleaner, that will take the scent out of the mattress, bleach alone cant do it. Petsmart and Petco have several..

those are the tips I can offer..
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make sure you do as scamperfarms suggested with the Enzyme cleaner, because if the kitties smell their urine there still, they will continue to mark it.

Have you yet figured out which one is peeing outside the box? If so, I would even consider taking that kitty for a vet check-up. Sometimes this behavior is a way of saying that they are sick.

please keep us updated.
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I would be taking them in for a health check, however, there is a new cat litter that will tell you if your cat has a UTI (the number one reason for cats peeing out of the box). I am getting ready to test this product out and write a review on it-

If you go the link then scroll down to Scoop-Lite Premium Litter. But don't mess around with this, with all the recent changes in your cat's life one of them could be stressed out and reacting by a UTI

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We went through this with one of our cats, Midnight. He is about 4 years old and neutered. He was upset that we were fostering kittens, so he urinated on our couch. Then it was like a pee-fest - they all wanted to do it. Once we figured out what the problem was (he was afraid he wasn't going to get the same attention he always got since the "newbies" were around), and cleaned/disinfected the couch, he never did it again.

How old is the kitten? I have fostered some really young kittens before, and had the same problem with the bed. The could get up on the bed, but they had a hard time getting off the bed in time at night. They would "go" on the edge of the bed (and always on my husband's side too-ha ha ha). I think they were just too small too jump down, or they were scared to jump (my bed is kinda high). I put a cat box in the bedroom for them at night, and stopped letting the small kittens sleep on bed at night. Once they were bigger, they didn't do it anymore.

I also used Feliway when I have a new cat in the house. They make a spray and a plug-in. It's supposed to help cats with anxiety so they don't urine mark and help with bad behavior. It seemed to help ours.

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Baby Rogue is only 8 weeks old. She seems to jump up on the bed fine and gets off fine as well. I have the feliway plugin in my living room and I have sprayed that stuff on the bed....do you think that it was wrong to spray the feliway on the bed????
I'm starting to wonder if it is my older cat Becca. She gets very upset if she can't have things her way, but then again my big boy Prescious is a very jealous creature...
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Ditto what everyone else said.

I'm concerned that all three litter boxes are in the basement. The kitten may not remember to go downstairs. Because he is so young...when they have to go, they HAVE to go. Also, your older kitties simply may not want to go where your kitten is going. Normally when I have brought a young kitten home, I quarantine it in a bedroom so the cats have time to sniff each other under doors and avoid jealousy issues.
Definitely try bringing a litter box upstairs (doesn't have to be permanent), clean up the spot with an enzyme cleaner such as Nature's Miracle and consider bringing in the suspected kitty for a check up at your vets.
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