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Funny Story...

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I'm leaving for a summer music institute on Sunday, so I brought Leo to my parents' house to have my sister who is, like me, an animal lover and who has taken some classes in companion animal care and biology to look after him. I trust her more than I trust anyone else with him.

My parents, on the other hand, have no experience with cats. We've always had pets, just never cats for some reason. So I know that they know how much care an animal requires...they just have no idea how to deal with just cats.

So I brought my dad down to Leo's safe-room to meet Leo. My dad started to pet Leo and then got a little scared, turned to me, and said 'Um, Allie...he's making a strange noise!!'

'Dad, it's ok. He's just purring.'

'Is that good?'

'Trust me, it's good. He likes you!'

So Leo has made another unsuspecting friend and it's further proof that they choose us, not the other way around!
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Oh that's so cute. Hopefully they will become kitty lovers and want a kitty of their own!
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aw! that's a sweet story!!!
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Such a precious little boy! Leo is creating another kitty lover!
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There's no going back now. Your dad is owned!!!
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thats really really cute
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WTG Leo!
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This story reminds me of when Lucy went into heat for the first time. I'm at work and my then wife calls me flipping out because Lucy is making strange noises and rolling on the floor.

I go rushing home, and see Lucy yowling and squirming on the floor, in heat...
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Thats a great story - way to go
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That's a very sweet story! Before long your dad will be securely wrapped around his paw.
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LOL, that's cute!
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What a wonderfull Story....

Its like when Steve got head butted by Bellie for the first time, he didnt get it he honestly thought she was being mean..i said no she jsut wants you to pet her..she likes you. and he smiled and said ok..he is now owned by all of them, lol
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Are you sure you're going to get Leo back?
My sister's childhood friend loved animals (and was used to them, since he was always at our house), but was never allowed to have a pet, because neither of his parents "liked" animals. Once he had moved out and was on his own, he got himself a Collie. He and his wife got stuck for a pet sitter once, and asked his recently widowed father to look after the dog for a week. His dad and the dog really "bonded", and Eddie never got his dog back! He could've insisted, or gotten his father another dog, but he saw how good that particular dog was for his father. The funny thing is, his dad always had a dog after that.
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