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am i weird??? heehee

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okay, ppl think i am weird that i have six cats, and always thinks my house defiantly has to stink!! (well, if you actually clean the litter boxes it doesn't) does anyone else have a problem with ppl saying oh my have how many CATS? (and you can't forget the weird look they also give ya, like you are a mutant from the planet neptune...) it's funny because when they come to my house, they expect shredded curtains and stained couches, with the strong smell of ammonia...imagine their surprise when they only see holes in the cat furniture and it smells smells clean!! haha. how do you deal with the whole cat woman/man steeoretype ppl put on you???
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I get a whole lot of "OH MY GOODNESS, you really don't have that many cats do you?!"

I say yup and show them pictures, and if they say you're weird and I say well you're weird for not having any cats!

I'm cat mad, so what? it's not the worst addiction out there!
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Oh yes I get that all the time..but I think i am really a mutant..when I go "Oh yes we have 6 adult cats and 7 kittens currently (never mind most kittens will be going to a new home) 2 dogs, and 4 horses" I swear they think we live in squaler. now granted my kitchen floor does need a little work right now. But i have been sick, so i havent swiffered in a few days. But i Vaccum daily, and I pick up, and clean boxes daily as well. My couches could be a little nicer, but oh well. everything else is neat and tidy, and no my house does not smell like Cat box...might smell like a hound dog! But..well hound dogs always smell like hound dogs, lol

How do I deal with it, I usually just shruge them off. let them assume what they want, and tell them feel free to come over and see my house is NOT what you think.
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I only have one right now and my friends think I'm the cat lady, mostly because I'm not one to go to wild parties and drink myself silly.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy for putting my money that would otherwise pay for eating out and going to bars and clubs goes towards my kitty, not to mention that they think I'm completely nuts for adopting another cat when I'm not quite done with college. Ay...

But I don't think you're weird at all! I WISH I could have a whole menagerie of animals, but the 950 square feet of my apartment are pretty much only large enough for two cats...
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We are crazy cat and pet people, 6 cats, a big dog, two parrots a tarantula and an aquraium...only 2 humans in the house
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People dont think I have animals and I am far from tidy.. Still in my teenage frame of mind at 27..lmao... I am owned by two cats one dog ( hugger and petter and cookie girl to two others) and three small aquarioums soon to be four... My friends have always said I am a nut but in a good way
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I haven't had people telling me in the face that I am weird about my love for cats. For sure, they talk behind my back.
About smells in the house, it's only my mom who complains but she is the type who never finds anything good about me.
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Well I have 3 cats and in August I will be driving 20 hours to pick up a kitten! Does that make me crazy? If it does, I completely enjoy being crazy
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Hiya, 6-cat woman here.... Oh yeah, I get looks. At work they call me "The Cat Lady". One of my co-workers (a guy and his wife) have FOUR cats, they keep on adding to their cat family, too.

Like you, my house does NOT smell. I don't have curtains, but I do have these sheer things. Zorro likes to sleep in them (the puddle on the floor). THere are a few claw marks here and there on the sheers, but the things are cheap and I don't really care. My cats like ta play in them! And I put a cat scratcher pad on the back of my sofa where Hammie was clawing. THere are two catdoors in my house (, too, so my house has been modified to fit the cats!

I get the weird looks on occasion but people understand my crusade. I take in strays, adopt from shelters, or take in unwanted cats (older cats who people get sick of).

Only ONCE I got a very bad, stupid comment from someone. I was working at a really fancy, black-tie event St. Pat's Night and this high-rolling guy asked me out. He called me a few days later and we got to talking; when he found out I had a daughter, he backed off just a little but didn't seem to mind. Then I mentioned I had cats. He said, "plural, catS?" I said, yes I have 6, they are my babies. He paused and said, "I'm a dog person, I hate cats!" and hung up about 2.5 seconds later!!!! So now if someone asks me out, my first thing is to tell them I'm a Cat Lady and if you don't like cats, take a hike!
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Yep, I get "looks" when I tell them I have 4 cats - especially when I say I have 4 black cats. But then I tell them I have 11 parrots....
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No one cares about my number of pets. But my kitten room never smells fresh! I will be glad when they get old enough to get their shots, and wormed, and can join the rest of the household. Then the smell will go away, I hope!
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6 is such a well rounded number. I too have six cats plus 4 dogs, two turtles, two cockatiels, a rabbit and tropical fish.
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Ha.... wow that is so so so so so! little to my friend.... yeh well my friend has about 20-30 cats...
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your friend has 20 to 30 cats? At one time? Wow, I hope s/he has one massive litterbox and sufficient room to keep that many cats
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I get it all the time with having 8 cats - But the awesome thing is having people come to my house and say "I can't believe you have 8 cats" because they can't tell. Its true you can have as many pets as you wish but if you keep the place clean, the kitty box clean food dishes tidy you name it - You can share your place with your pets with no oders and no problems. Sure its not perfect we do have fur my vacuum gets well used and we do have some coach claw marks but heck I have a kid that likes to spill things every once and awhile too. Nothing that can't be fixed, cleaned up or taken care of Right
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