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I Think I'm In Trouble

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Rufus was kneading my bare leg a little bit ago and it smarted so I got out the clippers and did his and Lukey's claws. Now they are glaring at me & holding an Indignation meeting and I think I'm gonna get it after I go to bed tonight. Help.....
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It is best to give special treats after nail trims, to distract annoyed kitties! I need to find my clippers and do my cats nails again. Now, where did I put them?
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I do give them snackies. They just feel it is an assult on their dignity and general catness to get a pedicure...lol
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I'm lucky my babes have had their claws clipped since they were teeny tiny tots, they purrr their way through it!
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Mine hate me but i am still alive and they dont put up a fuss.
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I have 18 needles digging into my shoulder as we speak. Thanks for the reminder; now I have to find MY kitty-claw-clippers. . .
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I had to make them purr before I do the nail clipping and praise them after I had finish. I have not have any trouble or injury yet.
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I hardly clip theirs. Halfway I'm nervous and worried I might hurt them. So when necessary I get the vet to do it. I say necessary because my babies are indoor/outdoor and they regularly trim their claws on their own on tree barks.
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Ouch!, oh but don't you just love em!
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I hope they didn't get you in your sleep! At least you know you've tamed their most lethal weapon!

Are both your kitties boys? They are probably thinking their pedicure is a little girly!
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Well, at least you dare to give yours a pedicure! Purdy and Sheba get theirs done at the groomers when they have their baths. But two years ago, I took Red Cat to a groomer for a bath, he went ballistic and scratched her, and she told me never to bring him back. So I have him done at the vet's office, usually when I go for something else. I was holding him while the vet clipped his nails last week, and Red Cat tried to bite me! He's normally so sweet - to me, not to anyone else.
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I don't clip nails, unless they're split or jagged, or the cat is old and neglecting personal hygiene. Of course, the house is full of scratching mats, boards, and posts.
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