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errrrr.....WOW - is that even legal? I know in SA that we have laws against the descecration of a cadaver - even if permission was granted by the person themself.

Personally I think she is seriously disturbed.

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This is terrible! How sad!
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Yet another reason I have little faith and trust in humankind.
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My dad got a PETA magazine yesterday. I told him about some of the things I learned about them ftom this site. He threw it away without opening it and said he will never donate to them again!
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat
Here is some info from an exotic animal discussion group I belong to:

Here are some quotes in their own words, this is why we truly believe that Peta did know what their members were doing - murdering:

The cat, like the dog, must disappear... We should cut the domestic cat

free from our dominance by neutering, neutering and more neutering, until

our pathetic version of the cat ceases to exist."

--John Bryant, *Fettered Kingdoms* (PeTA, 1982) p15

"Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles--

from our firesides, from the leather nooses and chains by which we enslave

it."-- John Bryant Fettered Kingdoms: An Examination of a Changing Ethic, p15

"The bottom line is that people don't have the right to manipulate or to

breed dogs and cats ... If people want toys they should buy inanimate

objects. If they want companionship they should seek it with their own



"In the end, I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of

pets altogether." (INGRID NEWKIRK-Newsday, Feb. 21, 1988)

"As the surplus of cats and dogs declined, eventually companion animals

would be phased out, and we return to a more symbiotic relationship--

enjoyment at a distance."--Ingrid Newkirk

"I don't use the word 'pet.' I think it's speciest language. I prefer

'companion animal.' We would no longer allow... pet shops... Eventually

companion animals would be phased out." (Ingrid Newkirk - Harper's Magazine, Aug. 1988)

"One day, we would like an end to pet shops and the breeding of

animals. [Dogs] would pursue their natural lives in the wild....They would

have full lives, not wasting at home for someone to come home in the

evening and pet them and then sit there and watch TV." ("Where Would We Be Without Animals?", (Ingrid Newkirk -Chicago Daily Herald, March 1, 1990)

"We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child"

(ALEX PACHECO - New York Times, January 14, 1989)
I like to think of myself as being a progressive thinker, but this is just as absurd as some of teh bulls&^^& I hear coming from the mouths of far-right conservatives.
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