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My vet stinks!!! HELP!!

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OK. My problem is with 2 of my 6 kittens.

I will start off by explaining that I have been taking care of them for a little over a week (LILO, (the momma) got an abcess and a fever of 106 with it and all her milk dried up from the fever). When this happened they were not quite 4 weeks old yet.

Well they are now on a kitten food and I add water to it to make it softer. They have been reunited with LILO in her room b/c I thought now that she is better that they need to be around her b/c of how small they are. Well 2 of the kittens seem to be a little sick. There little butts are like swollen out. Their butts look bigger than the rest. And also they always get alot of poop on their butts. It isnt really loose poop but its not hard either.

I have been in and out of the vet with LILO and Garfield these past 2 months and I am just drained money wise. One of the kittens had a bladder infection before this incident and he gave her Amoxicillan. I have been giving all the kittens this for 2 days now. I give to the ones that are not sick so they dont get what the others have.
I dont think the 2 babies are THAT sick b/c they still play and eat great. But what could it be?

I live in a very small town and we only have 2 vets here and neither one of them are that great. It takes me taking my cats to them over and over and it still does not solve what is wrong with them.
I have spent so much money and Lilo still even has loose stool. This is my next question. Lilo started having loose stool during her last 2 weeks of pregnancy. She had the babies and continued having loose stool but I was told it is normal for nursing mothers to have loose stool. But she has not been nursing for over a week now and she still has it. No change of foods are anything.

I feel so bad b/c I know if I take her back to the vet I will get nothing solved and more money out of my pocket!!
Pleas any advice will be so great!!
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Also I wanted to add that if I just call the vets office and ask for advice over the phone they just tell me to bring them in!! I can no longer afford to bring them all in!!
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I am sorry you are having so much trouble with your kits. It is so sad! I don't have any advice, but I'm sure Hissy will be along soon to help out. Poor little kits! And they are soooo cute!
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Thank you so much for your thoughts!! They really mean alot.

As far as me having so much bad luck with my kittys... I guess its just me. Thats how everything goes for me.
Well maybe not everything but alot of things.
Thanks again for your thoughts and I hope someone else comes along with some advice for me.
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Well, if you read the other threads on this board, you will see that a lot of litters have problems, it is not just you. After we lost two kittens last year, I swore off fostering babies.
My friends just laughed at me this year when I decided to give it another try. So far, I lost one of five kittens.
I am glad Lilo healed up. Just keep up the hard work, those babies get older every day, and stronger, and easier for you to care for.
P.S. My Garfield says HI to your Garfield!
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Awwww BeckiBoo,

My Garfield says "Meow" right back to your Garfield.

I wanted to add to this post that I have a friend that just came over and she looked at the kittens and said that she doesnt know much about cats but it seems like it is hemroids.

When I try to clean their little furry butts it hurts them!! They meow real loud and the "runt" actually bite my finger!!

Does anyone think this could be what is wrong?

They also can't sit. It seems like it hurts when they sit.
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