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HELP...need advice~bad kitten problem!!

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okay, another one of my kittens fell ill and this one is really puzzling. i am so sorry that this question may be lengthy, but i want to provide every possible detail. one of my kittens developed an abscess on her head, due to an accidental mommy bite. i did take her to a different vet, a clinic designed for cats only. the vet popped it, drained it, and left it open for me to clean three times daily. well, she was doing great the first day, was more active, and walked on all four legs for the first time!! (three weeks old now...) next day at around five thirty afternoon, i cleaned her and went to work. came home around eleven, and noticed she seemed shaky. her paws were shaking almost like an old lady, and sound seemed to bother her. she cowered more, and seemed very afraid, i handled her since birth so this was very weird. i figured i may have to take her to the vet again. well, this morning, she was completely limp, breathing hard, and when i picked her up, she seemed like she was aware, for her ears turned to my voice, but she seemed to have a very hard time focusing. i took her to the vet, where even he had a hard time diagnosing. she has no fever, no signs of any trauma other then the abscess, which is healing beautifully. i asked him if the pressure of the pus may have affected her brain, but he said not possible. *was right on top of her head..next to her left ear. she is making continuous sucking motions, but has no control over that, the vet thinks it may be neurological. i have to tube feed her every two three hours now, still no improvement, although there is some resistance with only her two back legs. two front legs are completly limp as well as the rest of her body. there have been no seizures. she is sleeping most of the time, every now and then i wake her to make sure she is not comotose. i have no idea what caused this. or what happened to her. it was so sudden, and i am watching her like a hawk. i will start clavamox tonight also, twice a day. i was wondering if anyone expereienced anything like this? i looked through medical books and looked on the internet to find any similar symptoms, but can't find none. any help would be greatly appreciated, she is such a super sweet kitty. she is sepereated now from her litter, and i keep her warm with a rubber glove filled with lukewarm water. she doesn't even meow now and the vet think she actually may not be aware, although she responds to some stimuli. only with an ear twitch though, and her eyes try to adjust. her nose is warm, but symptom wise, thast is all. i will keep updated, but this is soo complex i really can't find a cause for these symptoms. thanks to anyone that may have any advice, i fear if a week goes by and no improvement, i may have to put her asleep, but right now i want to give her every fighting chance. Isis is her name, because i wanted something tough and hopeful.
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Oh, that sounds awful. My litter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. They are still so tiny and fragile. I do not see how your kitty has much of a chance. However, you are certainly doing everything possible to give her that chance. Keep the wound clean, keep her warm, and keep up the frequent feedings. The antibiotic (clavamox) sounds like a good idea, too.

Best of luck with little Isis. I hope she heals so she can join the rest of the litter soon.
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it is heartbreaking, honestly , i am not a big supporter of breeding cats, and i always preached to ppl at work to neuter their animals. then mine escapes before i had a chance to spay her and voila, kittens. it has been a nightmare, even though i love these kittens to pieces. one kitten was lost a day after they were born, he never suckled, cried, just laid there. another was just lost because a vet misdiagnosed the problem, and he grew weaker. and now this, my isis, her eyes are focusing at me, but she loses interest fast and goes to sleep. she has no control of her front legs, and her back legs are stiff, the rest of her is limp, her head rolls if i don't support her. Just maybe i can get out to people the importance of sterilizing your cats, that having kittens isn't always a "fun" thing as people at work tell me they want to do. believe me, in a few more weeks Mystique, the mommy is getting spayed, and I don't know how breeders do this constantly, even with great litters.. I realize these things happen, I feed science diet, they are indoor cats, I brush their teeth, clip their claws..(i don't believe in declawing.) and this could not prevent my baby kittens from getting sick. if i had the money i would run a full neurological test on Isis, but all i can do for her is feed her, talk to her, and keep her warm. i just hope that people out there won't breed for the fun of it, and can take my story of isis as an example of what can go wrong, even if you have great care for your kitties. I still don't know what is causing the limpness, the hard, shallow breathing, I kept the kittens in a small bathroom, no cleaners, toilet bowl closed, i cleaned the room first with mild soap. but i am rambling...gotta feed the kid, and the rest of the mob squad is staring at me with those big wide eyes..(have six cats..and yes, she is the only one not spayed yet...
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Oh Enigma....
I sorta feel your pain.

It is not always fun is it???
My Lilo had 7 kittens but 1 died on the 2nd day. The other 6 will be 5 weeks old Sunday.

Right before the kittens turned 4 weeks old Lilo turned up with an abcess as well. Her temp at the vets office was 106 degrees. Once they opened the abcess it was UNREAL how much puss came out. Even the vet was surprised!! I just sat there and cried because as they were draining it Lilo was crying so loud.
Due to the high temp... it dried all of her milk. I had to take over the job of "momma cat" from that moment on. It has been difficult. Now 2 of the kittens have something wrong with them. I hope it is hemroids and nothing more serious. I posted a thread with all of their symptoms and I hope someone can help.
Our vets here just are no help at all. They just take my money.
Anyways, I will keep you and Isis in my prayers.

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