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Leave My Blood Alone!

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So i had to go to the docter this morning, for stumach problems and my "seisures." After the joy of a physical and playing poke your nose poke my finger games, the doctor told me i had to get labs done... oh blood drawn...lovely. the doctor left the room and i asked my mom if i had to get it done today...yes... ....OH NO! I was so scared and looking the other way... the lab tech. person (and im 16 btw) was like "well use a really small needle for a special little girl like you!!! " ...oh gosh.
Ok, so that went pretty well, they took 3 vials of blood and gave me a daffy duck bandaid. Now i get to have a sleep deprived EEG, possible strobe test, a follow up back at the doctors...and im on a new med, and if that doesnt fix me i get to go to a neurologist. Please send some good vibes my way, that the EEG finds something out and i dont have to do toooooo many tests...?
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Aw Im sorry to hear this! I hope it all comes back ok.
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Sending lots of good wishes your way. Seeing a neurologist can be scary (I see one for my migraines) but if you find someone good and who listens to you it should make the whole process a lot less frightening.
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You're so brave. Thinking of you.
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Ok my EEG was posponed because it was schedualled at the wrong place. But i have a question... Is it wrong for me to feel kind of hurt (i guess you could say) and confused...or at least feeling too guarded?...

My family plans to buy a pool... an above ground 3-4 foots deep one. My dad now tells me he is hesitant to buy one becuase of my seisures. He says he doesnt want me alone in the pool. Im 16...I have NEVER blacked out, had convulsions or anything with my seisures. I have full mind capacity when i have them...all they are is a little more intence of a de ja voo feeling. I feel very confined...im not broken, but i feel thats how they are treating me. Is it ok for me to feel like that or am i just being dumb?
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I think your Dad is just looking out for you.
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i do understand that he is looking out for me , but im not going to drown in a 3 or 4foot deep pool since i have never blacked out with my seisures before. i just wish i could make him understand that
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I need to ask a personal question....are the seizures something new?? If so, your parents are as scared as you are.

There is nothing wrong with your feelings...and I'm sure your parents understand them cause they are feeling the same way. When they are around you, they will be brave so that you can feel secure but I can quarantee they are very worried.

Best of luck with the tests. Lots of strength and health vibes coming your way
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nope the seisures arent new. I had them since i was little, they went away and came back
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Well that must have been embarresting. Gosh..I'm sorry about that. Same thing has happened to me. I'm 14. Anyways, vibes coming your way. (((((VIBES)))))
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Vibes for you! I hate needles too.
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well we got the pool! an 18foot 42 inch deep inflatable one. Im so excited! biut im sposed to have someone over if i want to go swimming...blahhh
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I pray that everything will go alright. My brother had blood tests, too... he didn't like it much either.

As for your feelings. I can understand why you may feel like your dad is treating you like a child, and I understand that must be annoying. But at the same time I can sympathize with your dad, too. Just because you haven't blacked out, doesn't mean it won't happen. I think he just wants to make sure you're around to annoy! Just kidding!

Hope all will be okay... make sure you give us an update, k?


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