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Premium Foods

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Does anyone here feed Innova? I am thinking of feeding it to my cats and kittens. I know Innova only comes in cat food and lite food, I was told the Cat food will cover all stages of life, kitten, adult, and senior. Has anyone had a problem with feeding this to a kitten and the kitten growing up to be as big as they are on kitten food? Because it is such a compleate food does it ever cause obesity? Are there anyother premium foods that you would reccomend? The only place that carries Innova near me is an hour away but I go to that exact building for a cat meeting every month. How long would a bag of Innova last for 3 cats? Thanks.
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I have 4 cats all on innova and doing great.The youngest one is 5 months old and has been eating innova since I got her and is growing just fine. None of my adults have become obese from eating innova. I would highly recommend this brand. I beleive the 16.6lb bag lasted me a month and a half,maybe a little longer for all four cats. They really have done great on it so far. Some other good brands are wellness, solid gold, felidae and natural balance. I fed my adults solid gold dry and canned at one time and they also did very well on it and I was happy with the wellness canned too. Hope this helps.
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My cats have done very well on Flint River Ranch.
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