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Ok, so I know all the ladies are Meowmy, but it seems that us men are always being referred to as the "other hoomin".

Well, I am tired of this gender favoritism

I'm my babies Pawpa.

....Yes it's a slow Friday at work and I'm bored..........
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I love it!
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Mmm hmm it feels good to be enjoying a Saturday!

I love it, too!
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I love it!!! I can't wait to tell my hubby. He is definitely not "the other hoomin" in Tailer's eyes...that would be me. (But I'm first with Forest and Harvey!)
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I love it!!
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Fabulous!!! Love it too!
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I love it!!
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That's so sweet!
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My DH is definitely their pawpa! Never thought to spell it that way, but that's how he is referred to in reference to the kitties! Especially Iris - she's a daddy's girl.
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Aww.. Thats a cool name!!
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According to Miss Rowdy, Bill is the object of her affection and recipient of her adoration. I am the can-opener, second-string ear-and chin-scratcher and litterbox police.
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