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Molly Cuteness!

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I have a special kitty called Molly, and she is nearly 1 years old. But to me she'll always be my baby and I have a feeling she'll always be the baby of the family.

Why is she special you ask? She is a special kitty because when she was very young she was very close to death as she was so poorly. Luckly we rescued her in time and got her to the vets...they said if we had been an hour later she would of died. So thats why she is a very special kitty...and we are very protective over her.

Molly is a very small kitty, and thats due to being so ill when she was a baby so her growth was effected but she is healthy and the vets said she wont grow any bigger. The photo's below might make her look quite big but in fact she is now...she is our little baby and we love her a lot.

These photo's below are of Molly being very cute, WARNING a lot of cute pictures. She is a little cutie and always looking so cute we can't help but take photo's of her...and in person she just looks even sweeter and cuter. Anyway enough of my rambles...and onto the pictures!


Sorry there was so many pictures but it was just way too hard to only pick a few.

I have just realised I don't think I have ever done a post all about Molly, I have no idea why its taken me so long too but I promise I'll try and come back more often and do more posts about my babies.

Hope you enjoyed the photo's and you're not too overloaded on the cuteness of Molly....

Have a lovely day,

Molly sends special Molly love (which is very special and should be treasured!)

Love Eva xxx
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She's adorable. I can see you have taken lots of photos of her. No need to apologize, we love photos!!!
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Awww, what a cutie.
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YOU'RE JUST LIKE ME!! Once they start acting all cute run for the camera!!! I have loads of pics of Joey looking cute
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Wow, she is very cute! Looks like a real sweetheart, too. Thanks for posting such adorable pics!
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Originally Posted by Lil_Axl_Gurl
YOU'RE JUST LIKE ME!! Once they start acting all cute run for the camera!!! I have loads of pics of Joey looking cute
Your right, thats just like me. When she is all cute like that you just can't help but take photo after photo...and believe me I have she is so cute practically all the time

Glad your loving photo's of my baby girl, we love her very much!
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Molly is really cute.
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No wonder she is your baby. She is lovely. She even looks like a sweetheart.
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very cute pics.. I think it is so funny when kittys pose like that, giving all their sexy poses LOL Pretty!!!!
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Molly is adorable!

My fave pic is the one where her two paws are stretched out Too cute!
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she surely is a sweetie!
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She is so pretty Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.. AWWWW
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She's adorable, Eva!!!!
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She is a beautiful and delicate little lady. I can understand how she is so special to you.
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