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Sleeping Question

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Ok, I have another question about my 4 week old baby. Should this kitten sleep alot? Because I have a brother who things that she shouldn't sleep so much and he gets her all stirred up. He will go over to her box and let her see him and she gets all excited and scratches wanting out and crying. I take her box up to my room at night and bring her downstairs into the living room during the day. Should she need quite a bit of qiuet time? Maybe it would be better if I left her upstairs in my room where it is quiet? He tells me I am not giving her enough play time. I usually feed her and then get down on the floor and let her play and tussle with my hand and stuff for about a half an hour or so and when she starts slowing down and just wanting to sit, I usually put her back in her box to sleep or whatever. She will cry for the first few minutes, then quiet down, if I sneak up and peek in she is usually laying there or all sacked out sleeping. My brother says she really isn't a baby at 4 weeks old, but I heartily disagree with THAT!! She ate real good this last time and drank most of her formula this time out of a small lid, after shoving her nose in it too far and having to sneeze and sniffle getting it off her nose. I did feed her almost 6 more cc after she stopped drinking on her own.
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She should be sleeping alot at four weeks old. She's only a baby.
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My four week old litter sleeps alot. And I totally disagree with trying to get her to play more. Sounds like you are on the right track, let her play til she gets tired, then let her calm herself and go to sleep.
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I agree.. 4 weeks old is still a baby.. They need a lot of sleep.
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