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Joint ill, in kittens

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just got back from taking two of my six week old kittens to the vet with lameness, the vet says she thinks they have joint ill. she's given them an antibiotic injection and started them on oral antibiotics (also to give to their 4 brothers and sisters)
i have been told to make sure they are eating and drinking and nurse them if necessary. also to cool them down (temp of 104)
she said to expect the rest of the litter to get it and i may loose them all

i cant find any info about joint ill in kittens, only foals.

i would be grateful of any info or advice to help me save these little babies

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Did these babies come from a shelter, or a rescue group? I wonder if the vet considered Calicivirus? Are there sores in the kitties mouths? or what looks like scratches on their nose? If so, they have a virus that is common in shelters and rescue organizations.
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no sores or discharge just the lameness and temperature. i bred the litter myself so they haven't been exposed to anything other than my own cats who all seem well.
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what breed are they??

i hope they're feeling better soon!
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mums a moggie, dads a british short haired, they are gorgeous
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If you have mulitple cats, this virus can occur- here is a sheet to read up on it-

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i read about that but the temperature and the lameness are the only symptoms, no ulcers, repiratory problems.
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well i'm pleased to say they are all looking soooooooo much better this morning, two are still a little subdued but even they got up for a little play and they are all eating and drinking again.
looks like we're over te worst
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I've seen joint ill in lambs and calves, some make it some don't. It sounds as if your littens are among the lucky ones.

I used to have a british short hair - she was lovely. I bet the kittens are gorgeous, can we see some pictures when they are feeling better?

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