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Here's a question

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If Santa Claus materilized in front of you right now, and told you that you were allowed one gift at Christmas- what would you ask for?

I would ask him if I could have my neighbor's land (which is up for sale) so I could have more land for more critters.
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Ha ha ha ha!!!! I know exactly what I would do, I would ask for enough money to pay the full cash value on a brand new house in a good location. No mortgage(sp?) means no worries, the perfect present!
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hmm, this is a toughie. I have everything I want. Sure, I could always use more money, but I'm not hurting now. I guess I would ask for a house for my brother, cause he is struggling a bit financially, and I wish I could help him more.
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Don't leave anything, just take my future son-in-law with you!
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I would wish for peace......
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I would wish for the money to be able to go spend Xmas with KF.

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I hate to say this but I would also ask for money because money can do soooo much.....
I would be able to go to the best doctor and get treatment
I would be able to buy a big house with loads of land and take care of loads of the strays in this area
I would be able to help my family out with anything they needed
I would also buy my horse a big grassy paddock with with a really nice air conditioned stable and the best tack
I would also be able to afford to buy all my friends gifts as this year things are a little tight and I am only buying for family this year
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I would ask for just enough money to pay off my house, car & bills, and maybe another bengal!
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Ok, I would ask to have wishes that come true for the rest of my life!!! Then I could ask for peace, money, health, etc etc etc anytime I needed!! ha ha ha
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I would like enough money to start working only part-time so I could have more time to paint...

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I guess money's the most desired gift I'd ask for enough money to buy a house and a new car (ours is getting kinda old). Oh yeah, and peace too
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If I could only ever have 1 gift again in my entire life it would be a baby! So that is what I would ask Santa for.
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I think pretty much everyone here has said money, and I would too! But I also have to say I would wish for my son to be able to live without asthma! He is 5, and has had asthma since he was 2. He is doing well, but he struggles with bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections every time he gets a cold and I hate seeing my little baby so sick sometimes.
So, I would ask for good health for my son and my daughter.
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Hmm. . .

I could sure use more patience, but the last time I asked for that, my life exploded. You know, ask for patience and you will be given situations in which to practice being patient. Bleah. Just gift me with it, don't make me work for it! :laughing2

I would ask for all the health problems in our family to be cleared up - extended family as well. Especially in the age group above me, some of our disabilities and difficulties are getting to us.
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I would ask him for a computer with free internet so that I can work in the comfort of my home and be able to do anything.
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Santa to re-start my heart.

But my true wish would be to be curled up next to my ladylove..forever.
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Health, or at least a wise and knowing Dr. so that I would never be in pain again, or at least nothing too bad. With constant pain or not being able to use your hands or feet or lay down etc, money doesn't mean a whole lot to me.
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Jeano...I don't believe I've met you here before,but your message touched me deeply. I cannot imagine the reality of your every day and it humbles me greatly to see someone like yourself carrying on with their lives..fighting thru the tears. I too will pray that you get your wish come true.

I will think of you when I begin to feel sorry for myself. Thank you for the lesson in courage.
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I would want enough money to:

Pay off all the debt hubby and I have
Build his family a house
Give my parents enough money to retire

I wouldn't want anymore money than that!
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I would ask for peace on earth, and on the catsite
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