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Worms :-(

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Hey Everyone

I'm guessing but I think my cat Apples has worms. She hides up under my bed all day long doesnt come out. The only time she comes out is to get something to eat and use the bathroom. Then she goes back under the bed.
And I noticed this morning that 2 pieces of stool were conneted together by a white string( looked like a rubberband or a piece of noodles). Do you think this is a worm? Also I have another cat as well but that cat seems to be doing fine, he is playing alot, going all over the house. Do you think I should just take Apples to the vet, or take both of them even though higgins looks like he is doing fine. Thanks
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I think a vet visit is in order. Worms on their own would not normally cause her to hide away. It may be that she has eaten something like string and that would cause severe discomfort and even permanent damage.
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I too would take your cat to the vet. They could be roundworms or as Jenny says it could be that the cat got into string, which can be quite dangerous. A vet should evaluate her
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Take a fresh fecal sample with you when you go.
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thanks for you fast response, she has an appointment for tomorrow morning
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