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cat had one dead kitten last night

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my cat who is one year old her first litter had one dead kitten last night and then stopped labor she is eating and doing well.... i live about 80 miles from a vet in a booneys she is doing well i am wondering was it spontanious abortion?
or will she go back into labor today? she is eating and drinking but she wont leave my bed where she had the last kitten,,,, that kitten was with hair and all but its head looked a lil sqwished,,, maybe it was to much ?
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Oh dear ... this is very, very sad. Not knowing when she was bred, it would be next to impossible to say whether or not the kitten was prematurely aborted. But from your description, I would think more along the lines of a physical defect rather than interrupted gestation. Your girl doesn't want to leave her nest because her instincts are telling her she must nurse and care for her kitten now - but there is no kitten for her to nurse. She is filling up with milk with no kittens to relieve her burden and that can be uncomfortable.

In the way of suggestion to you, is there an animal shelter in your area that may be willing to offer their assistance with vet care for this girl? They may also have orphaned kittens your girl could foster for them since she still has milk. The shelters and rescue organizations all over the country all filled to the brink with kittens who need assistance. Perhaps contacting your county Animal Control office might shed some light on some needy cats in your area as well as spay/neuter programs (which you really should look into for this little girl - you don't want her to have to go through this again, I know you don't.) or they might be able to steer you towards more accessible vet care. You just don't know what's out there until you call around and ask. If you are in a farming community, you might try contacting one of the large animal vets to see if they are also qualified for small animal care. Many are traveling around visiting the farms so could probably even stop in your place to take care of your cat.

Hope this helps,

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i will call around and see if i can find a needing kitten,
she still has several more kittens in her stomach and they seem to be doing well as i can see then moving and kicking i just dont wanna leave her alone to long if she goes into labor any time soon agian,,,
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