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New Tattoo!!!

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I've been wanting another one for a while, and yesterday, I just decided to go and do it! Here it is... Sorry about the picture quality.. I have a horrible camera. and my 6 y/o took the pics....
This one is cut off, I know, but it is the clearest..

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OMG Dear Dinah! what a brave girl you are! , It doesn´t hurt?..
Looks sooo terrific! .....Congratulations!
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Nice! Very feminine.
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Oh my goodness!!!! I'm too chicken to get one!
I'm a weenie when it come to pain!

Congrats on your new "art work" and bravery!
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Here's a tip for the future with your camera. If it has a "timer" function, use that. Set it to "timer", press your shutter halfway to focus (and face forward), press it again to activate the timer, turn to your back to the camera and wait for it to take the picture.

Nice tatoo though.
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that's nice!
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Thats pretty! I cant wait to get my next one just need the cashola! lol
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Very nice tattoo
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Love it - very delicate. Congrats!
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Wow, that's awesome!
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Cute tatt!
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That's really nice. Quite feminine, and delicate.
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I love the lines! That's a very pretty tattoo
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I really do love it too! I love that it is feminine! I picked out a design that was quite tribal looking, and had the artist stretch it out and thin the lines out so it doesnt look tribal at all, but feminine.
Yes, It did hurt, but It went by super fast (about 30 minutes) because I sat VERY still! I went alone, and just kind of hunched over in the chair. I'm very happy with it! I cant wait untill my family & friends see it too!

And.. no, my camera doesnt have a timer.. it's just an ole cheapie digital cam.
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i cant wait till i get my first tatoo... then my 2nd and 3rd and 4th... there are six that i want... we will see how that works out though!

i love yours, it is very pretty!
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That's lovely! It is very feminie!

I can't wait to get my next two done - just have to find my designs!
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LOL... I just wanted people to see it again. I love it, and it is healing quite nicely!!!!
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Cool tat. You can tell it's new because it still looks raised and is really dark. It really is feminine and I like the location. Great work in 30 minutes!
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Oooo that's pretty!!! I've been thinking about another one for a while, maybe you've just given me the incentive to go and do it too! My boyfriend isn't too keen on me getting another tattoo, but I would like a little cat curled up asleep on my left foot... I can hide it I guess I'll have to see what he says! Very very nice
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