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Anybody done shopping & Wrapped??

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I am done shopping finally, but haven't wrapped one gift yet! YIKES, I think I am in trouble!!!!! I hope to start on it tonight and finish up in a day or two. My kids thankfully haven't been snooping!!!
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I'm almost done with shopping. Have one more friend to buy for. All of other friends live in other states & I've mailed their gifts. I didn't wrap them though. You open the box and there it is.

I do have to wrap the S.O.s stuff. He's got 7 boxes so I should be able to knock that out in no time.
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I'm done for everyone except my best friend because she's just impossible to buy for! I'm going to get something for her tomorrow if it kills me!
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HA HA HA!! Yeah, right!

I still have to get my husband's gift, and I don't have the foggiest idea what to get him. The one thing he suggested is something that has to be specially ordered and sized with specific body measurements. Like that's going to happen! I did wrap one gift - the one my kids got for hubby. They picked Sponge Bob Square Pants boxer shorts. He loves to watch this cartoon with them when he gets home from work at night. I think he's really a kid in a man's body.

Other than his gift, I've got them all, I think. So I'm counting myself lucky.
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I'm almost done too. I have all the gifts bought except for one which I will be buying in the next day or two, I had to wait for the store to get a new shipment in. Right now, Snowball and I are home alone and it's the perfect time to wrap some presents.
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Well, I've been done for months, but that's only because I was raised to do it that way! :LOL: Otherwise, I'm sure I'd probably put it off till the very last minute. My Grandmother started her Christmas shopping in July! So, that's usually when I put things on lay-away or just get them...then it's done! Thank God!

I still like going to the malls to enjoy all the Christmas Spirit though...that's always a fun....especially the kids waiting in line to see Santa They're adorable.

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I am happy to say that I finished shopping on Friday and wrapped everything that night. I can't believe it this is the first year that this has happened!
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I have managed to get all the gifts bar one for my little brother (but I know what I am getting - lego) and my brother in law (and I think I know what I am getting him as well - he loves soaps things like CK etc) all my wrapping is done except for those two. I have to wrap early as I am the worlds wrapper so it takes me ages to do that. I had the kitties pressies wrapped but then I gave them their gifts already
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You can actually find Christmas spirit at the mall?! That's the last place I would look.

We're done shopping (I think), but wrapping may have to wait until the 22nd or 23rd...we are so unbelievably overcommited this week...need...rest...

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I did all my shopping on Sat & Sunday as I just couldn't get into the spirit. I have only one present left & I have to go to the Disney Store for it - my best friend wants Tigger slippers. The only problem is that the mall with the Disney store is the busiest - Yorkdale. On Friday the had over 100,000 people there according to the news. I will stop by tomorrow on my way home from work, hopefully I will get there before the crowd. I tried to start wrapping yesterday, but the cats were just too curious, so I will leave the stuff out for a few days & let them sniff until they can't sniff anymore & then I will wrap.
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We were done... wrapped, packaged, mailed about a week ago. Finally got the tree Saturday ( a perfect one I might add), and now it'll be decoration night.

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Sure Bill, I can find it everywhere! I live in a small town, I know so many people being that there's only a couple of gyms and I go to both of 'em. Not to mention, I work in construction, so I do know lots of folks that we've built homes for. It's always nice to see them (or not) haha! ...:LOL: It's great to stop and chat with people. There's a big square in the middle of town also, lots of really nice antique stores, very quaint. Lots of people go there Christmas carroling. My home town...it's a great place Happy Holidays

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Okay,.. I Lied before....
But I bought all the batteries we will ever need this afternoon..

NOW we're done...

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