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New Kitten is sick

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I got a new kitten named Fez about 8 days ago. I rescued him from the shelter, and the next morning the shelter took him to my Vets office to have him nuetered before I could pick him up. Well the day he was suppose to get nuetered my Vets office called and told me he was very dehydrated. He was covered in fleas so I asked them to bathe him before his surgery. They said that after the bath he freaked out and b/c of his dehydration they wouldnt do the nueter. He was also extremly skinny, not even weighing 2 pounds, he is suppose to be around 10 weeks old. So I went to the Vets office and picked him up.

I brought him home and put him in his own room. He sneezed a couple times and I knew from experiance that he probly had a URI since he came from the pound. So the next day I took him back to the Vets for a checkup. They dewormed him and gave me antibiotics for his URI which was not bad at all at the time, just one or two sneezes and that was it. So he started his meds about a week ago. He did get worse but I expected that. He sneezed ALOT, made gurgling noises, and only sleept. Luckily he DOES eat and drink, so he hasnt lost his appetite which is good since he is so skinny.

What has me worried is lastnight he was sleeping in the cat tree as usual and came out of his bed and started throwing up, looked like liquid. He started meowing and belted out one long meow. I havnt heard him meow since he was at the pound before he got sick. After he threw up that time he didnt do it agian. Should I be worried? I'm gonna call my vet later when he comes in to the office.

He still has his URI but isnt sneezing and gurgling as much, his eyes look clearer but this vomiting lastnight worried me.

Also he will seem a lot better all threw out the day, then when we give him his medicene, which is a liquid, he starts sounding all sickly agian, but then gets batter 30 min later??Is this normal?

Oh one more thing. I had him in his own room when we brought him home. When my boyfriend and I left, we came back to find my older cat had managed to open the door to Fez's room and she was hanging out with him, grooming him, and she had let the other two cats in aswell. All the other cats are up to date on shots, are they gonna get sick? Thanks!
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Congratulations on your new baby. Sorry to hear he has been so sick.

2 lbs. for 10 weeks sounds very very thin to me. You mentioned that he sounds sick after taking his medicine...possibly he is having a reaction to that particular medication.

I have had kittens with URI and it does take quite a bit of time for it to completely clear but they never threw-up after taking their medication. What is the little guy on anyway?

As far as your other cats getting sick because of contact with the kitten...well...that would depend on what your kitten has. Again, I've had feral kittens with URI and eye infections but they were seperated from my 2 adults until they were over it. I ended-up sick...not my 2 adult cats.

Personally, if he doesn't get better & gain some weight real soon, I would bring him to another vet. Do you have a "regular" vet?...not the one from the shelter?
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I am surprised they wormed him- you usually only worm a fairly healthy cat- and the worming medicine is quite hard on their system. Did they safely dea-flea him?
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They dewormed him b/c he had diarhhea and he is so skinny they wanted to make sure he didnt have worms. At the time his URI had just startd, he had only sneezed about once or twice.

My regular vet is the one they send the pound animals to. My good friend use to work there and I loved one of the doctors there so i stayed, but now the doctor i liked left and i need to find a new vet.

He is doing much better today! He sneezed lastnight but hasnt been sneezing or making gurgling noises at all so far today, i was even able to give him his medicene without him making noises. He is still sleeping, but obviouslly he is getting better, so hopefully I will have a happy healthy kitten soon.

I have had him 9 days, i thought he was gaining a little weight but we weighed him yesterday and he is the same, but at least he still eats and drinks, and once he is better im sure he will be eating more.

They did de flea him when i picked him up on the first day, he was so covered in fleas that they thought maybe the fleas caused his dehydration. So he is now flea free.
Thanks for your help!
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