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Thanks for the good vibes!!!

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A few weeks back I wrote a post that mention my sister had a colonoscopy and the doc found a pylop he thought would be cancerous...well, my sister got the biopsy results yesterday and....no cancer!!!!

Thanks for the good vibes everyone, they surely worked!!!!
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Oh stormy, I'm SOOO pleased for you both!! I know it's got to be the most uncomfortable office procedure known to man, but I also know how very, very necessary it is. I had an office colleague who had to have one every six months to monitor her polyps, and of course that's how my mother's cancer was originally discovered.

Short PSA: I know you've all seen by now the silicone bracelets that are so fashionable - Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong got it all started.
The awareness bracelet for Colorectal cancer is called the Buddy Bracelet. It is a lovely blue, and its purpose is to remind you to get that colonoscopy, because colon cancer IS beatable!!! I have a few extras to share, if you'd like more details PM me.

Once again, TCS rallies round and our vibes really do work miracles!!!!
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Diane i must have missed the thread, but i'm so pleased to hear she got the all clear!

I love to hear that word!!
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You welcome chick! that´s why are the Friends!
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What great news! Thanks for letting us know!
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That is very good news.
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Oh this is sooooooooooooooo good to hear!
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Hey Diane, I'm glad something is going well around you lately. That's good news for your sister.
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An answer to prayers, Diane! How wonderful for you and your sister!
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