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Calling all klutz's!!

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Come on I know you are out there. Tell me your recent stories.

Last night was was using the mini-tiller in the veggie garden.
I of course was looking down and making a loop around the raspberry patch
when I ran into the wooden posts that contain the plants.
And of course I did it twice!!!!!

So my right bicep has a well its not a gash but it was a welt last night a good two inches long. It already started turning black and blue last night.
And of course hurts like he**!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly move my arm-too bad I'm left handed.

So share your tales on your recent misadventures.............
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Oh poor Gail....

Mine would have to be wondering why the shed door wouldn't close, only to realise a sharp pain coming from my hand....

Yup, I tried to shut my hand in the shed door
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ooohh dear. I ripped my tooth out with a washing line
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Hmmm, I've been really, really careful lately.....the only thing I've done was to close the tip of two fingers in the drawer of the cash register here at work......and I slammed it too!
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Where should I begin...

Almost every night I roll over, at least once, in bed and hit my head off the wall. It's always in the exact same spot too. You'd think I'd learn... I'm so uncoordinated it's UNREAL!
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I have two.

Yesterday as I was loading river rock into my car, my hatchback wasn't up all the way. I konked my forehead HARD on my hatch and almost lost consciousness. I'm an Aries so I'm always hitting my head, so it was really no big deal.

Then the last klutzy thing before that was when I was moving stepping stones from my garage up to the front of my house; to make a lil walkway in my front yard. (currently relandscaping). Well I picked up this monsterous thingy and 'oops' dropped it; it broke into 4 pieces. Thing is, it looked BETTER busted up! So I took the remaining step stones and dropped them in the same fashion. Made a mosaic-stepping stone walkway and filled it in with the river rock mentioned above. Cool klutzy stuff, eh?
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i have so many stories of being a klutz, and my husband's worse cause he's very tall and hits his head on favorite though was on my honeymoon, we didn't have much money when we got married so we went camping for our honeymoon, and the first night while setting up camp, i stuck a hatchet in my shin! i stuck it out for the week though, i wasn't about to ruin my honeymoon just cause i'm a klutz
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Once I was curling my hair with a curling iorn, and my hair is alway's short, around my face I just wanted to get a little lift and I poked myself in the eye with the curling iorn, well after about 2 hours of it hurting worse and worse I decided I'd better go to the Dr, and sure enough I just missed the pupil of my eye
Alway's getting my clothes caught on something I have broke one of my toes 3 times alway's black and blue somewhere Now when someone asks me about a bruise, I can't even remember where I got the thing Alway's cutting myself, when I get the knives out everyone does a mad I've done alot of stupied things I'm like an accident waiting to happen at any moment.
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I am just a klutz and very uncoordinated. I have been doing a lot of gardening adn I am COVERED in bruises. You should have seen me when we moved. My husband is convinced he is going to get pulled in some day for being abusive. Whenever he is with me and somene comments on an injury I have , he always says "It wasn't me !"
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Oh, my gosh...I swear, each and every one of you follow after my own heart! I didnt used to be so clumsy until a fractured my pelvis and now my balance is constantly off. I trip over my toes sometimes...and its not very graceful.
The last mishap was at home when I came in the door and tripped over God-only-knows-what, and I fell, and my purse went flying, all of my things scattered across the floor, I was embarrassed, despite the fact I was alone.
Then there was the time I fell over the arm of the couch and rolled onto the floor because my husband tossed my balance off.
I really am clumsy....
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I was a little drunk, and there was this girl groping my husband. I took exception to this, and we started arguing. Security threw us into publikk, and I lost my footing and fell, breaking my elbow. It healed at weird angle, and would not straighten completely.
Several years later, again, a little drunk, walked out the front door of the bar, tripped, threw my arm up to protect my face, and hit the same elbow on the parking barrier. I heard something crack, and thought I had broken it again. Turns out I had loosened up whatever was keeping it from straightening, and it is fine now.
I don't drink much any more. Those were just 2 of the numerous times I fell while drinking, so I am now the designated driver on the rare occasions I go out.
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Ok, let me start by saying that I am TERRIFIED of roaches.......

When my son was 3 weeks old, I came home and there was a roach above my bar. Well of course I couldn't go to sleep until it was D E A D!! I got some Raid and climbed onto a chair and sprayed the darn thing. IT FLEW AT ME!!!! I lost my balance, the Raid hit the glass table and shattered it, I landed on my butt and broke my arm on the way down!!!

The worse part? I never found the darn vanished!!!!
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I used to be real bad when I was little.. I have gravel in my elbow from taking a turn too fast on my bike, a scar over my left eye from jumping on the couch and hitting the coffee table on the way down, a fell doing who knows what and put a tooth through my bottom lip, another car on my other elbow from falling down the stairs into a bookcase with glass doors... lol Our family is really bad. My cousins used be known by name in the ER.. my mom just broke her toe last week kicking into a little bump up to our wood floor into the dining room... Im really good at tripping upstairs and over my own feet... lol Mom says we get it all from her dad. Shes got a bad memory now from having too many concussions.
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I'm clumsy too!

My last clumsy moment was on Thursday night, even though I was drunk it was still funny. My friends and I were at the food court at the mall and I wanted to push two tables together and I did but I got my stupid hand stuck in the middle after screaming down the mall I took my hand out between the two! *duh*
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