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Weird cat behavior!

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I posted another question a second ago about my cat's licking and I forgot to include another weird thing.
If you even lightly pet him halfway down his back all the way to his tail, he seems like he cannot move and his back twitches and his head raises up in the air and to one side in a spastic mode and his eyes partially close AND if there is something near his face at that time (even if it is me!) he will nibble really hard and then lick and repeat this nibble/lick combination until you stop petting or scratching him back there!! Sometimes his tongue even licks the air if there is nothing around for him to lick/nibble! It is so weird! It is as if he has an exposed nerve back there. Anyone have any ideas?

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I don't have any answers for you, but I wanted to welcome you to The Cat Site! If you go to the New Cats on the Block forum and introduce yourself, you will receive a warm welcome from other members!

This is a fantastic website and we do have people here who are very knowledgeable and who give excellent advice. Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting often!
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Thank you very much! I am glad I found this site!
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My cat Misty sometimes does something that sounds a bit like what you're talking about. If I stroke her back/tail she twitches and licks or nibbles my fingers till I stop. Having looked at her skin, we've found that she gets scabs on her back, if she has fleas, I think it's called flea allergy dermatitis. Anyway it's as if she's trying to clean herself. If I touch her skin then she can smell it on my hand and will wash my hand. We use the 'spot-on' flea treatment, which you put on her neck, but she still sometimes gets ths scabs, she must just have sensitive skin. Usually if it gets bad the vet gives her some tablets which clear her skin up. Anyway I'm not sure if this is the problem for your cat, but it might be worth looking into.
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Hmmmm..I thought about fleas but he doesn't have any (according to the vet) and we use that Advantage flea stuff ("stuff" is the technical term, I believe ) The part about sensitive skin is interesting. I was kind of thinking about that before because he always licks himself a lot and seems like he is itchy. It does seem like he has dry skin a little bit. I wonder if it is something lacking in his diet that would help with dry, sensitive skin or maybe that flea medication is causing it. Well, maybe not because he did that before the flea stuff. Thanks for your suggestions!
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I just inspected my cat (much to his chagrin! )and it looks like he has flaky, dry skin and a few tan tiny patches (scabs?). Is this what your cat gets? Poor baby! I guess I will end up taking him into the vet even though I was just there 2 months ago for a physical!
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As for dry skin, the omega 3 fatty acid suppliments will usually take care of that problem. It is very possible you are looking at some sort of allergy weather it's a contact dermatitis or inhaled. They will usually over groom or you can even see pink spots on the skin.It is usually best to have the vet take a look. They can usually give a good guess as to which direction to go first. The scabs I would guess are from the scratching.
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