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I have have mainly had males, now I have 2 males and 1 female and all three are just as loving as the other.
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I voted for no preference. When adopting Summer, we didn't have a specific gender in mind. She picked us out more than we picked her. It was nice to see her stick her paws through begging us and only us to pet her. To us, disposition was the most important thing..
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With the exception of hookbill pet birds (I prefer males as they are FAR, FAR less nippy and dominant than females), it really doesn't matter. I have owned male and female dogs, cats, ferrets, fish, small animals, etc.

Both sexes have something to offer and really it is more the individual personality that counts with me. I have owned ONE male cat out of about eight cats over the years. I adored him. He was very laid back, gave hugs and kisses, and was very clean about using his litter box. He was a mama's boy for sure!
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i'm with the no preference crowd. It really doesn't matter to me, as long as my kid is healthy and strong. When we adopted Hobbes, he picked we're "stucked" with a boy hehe. But if Hobbes were a girl, we'd be equally just as happy. i just feel bless to have him in my life.
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No preference. Up until we got Willow, we had nothing but male cats (dad's decision, because apparantly males are better :roll: . He claimed female cats scratch more). But then we got Willow, our first female. Willow's not a very good role model for female cats (she scratches), but then we got Buffy, another female, and she's definitely one of the top favorites of the cats we've ever had. Of course, we love each and every cat we've had, but Buffy's the funnest, most easy-going cat we've had, and it's extremely hard to not love her.

I love having males because part of me is just used to it, and they are pretty laid back, but females are great too because it just seems like they have more personality (but maybe I only started paying attention when we got Willow). I don't remember our first cat (I think he was spunky though), but the male we got from the shelter was laid back but reserved towards human contact. The male we got from a friend of mine was laid back and friendly, just like Buffy except he preferred to sleep (just like Willow, lol). 3 males and 2 females, neither sex really winning over the other.
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I think Max is more snuggable and cuddly with me so if I got another cat it would be another boy.. but I still love my Baylee girl!
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It's not really a preference, but for some reason I always end up with girl cats. I've had one male cat and nine females. With the exception of Starla and Astro (my only male) all my cats have been rescues.
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I have no preference for gender towards cats, Lucas is my first cat and it was between him and a female (both of them "chose" me), I ended up picking him, since the other one had scratched me the day before, and when I went there with my boyfriend to make a decision, she wasn't allowed out of her cage as she had already scratched 3 people that day... We put Lucas in the viewing room and he jumped on my lap and turned his stomach up. That was it for my decision. He is the sweetest!

I prefer females for dogs, having had both, as females are cleaner, and don't have the habit of leaving their mark at every new place...
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I don't know; I haven't had pets in twenty years and I decided to get two female spayed cats. So far, after a week of stressing me out and probably a bit more of that, things are settling down. Of course, the night is still young. My older cat is ery vocal and she lets me pay attention to her. My younger one is still bonding with me so I'm notsure which i prefer. So far, females are fine.
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My vet said males are generally more affectionate. We have two males and one female. The two boys are highly affectionate and want constant companionship. The little girl is shy and particular who she comes to. Not sure if it is a sex thing or not.
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I voted boy, as all 6 of my 7 cats have been boys, and all but 1 were VERY affectionate and chill. They just sit around and love attention.

However, with my recent introduction of my female... I am second guessing myself, as she is friendlier than all of my males.

Also, i recently purchased 2 pixie bob females for my friends tracy and lance and boy did i get attached to those gals! this Male cat person is second guessing!
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I voted for the boys I only have 3 boys so i don't know how it is to have a girl
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i like femails cuz thay dont spray but thaty do make lode sonds wen in hete. but thar is 1 thing i love about femail cats is that thay can have kittins?
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I loved boys for a couple of reason, one I've found them to be more affectionate and attached to me than females but that may just be the luck of the draw and have nothing to do with the sex of the cat.

The second is a bit more practical. Although I always get my cats fixed as soon as possible, I know there is always a chance of an accident happening and one of them getting out. And I know this a horrible attitude but with boys I don't have to worry about them coming home pregnant. However if either of them fathered a litter (before they were fixed) I would have been more than happy to help out financially and find them homes. I'm just a lot less likely to get attached if the kittens are in someone elses house. The second half of this reason is it is cheaper to get boys fixed around here at any rate, and I'd rather spend the money on some toys or treats or something for my kitties rather than medical expenses.

Now all that being said, if a sweet little girl finds her way to me, I would take her in a heart beat it just hasn't happened recently.
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Females definately. They seem to have less behavior problems and are a lot smarter and as I noticed they don't smell as bad. They seem to know the difference between scratch post and my furniture, they aren't as vicious at scratching things so even if they do scratch furniture they don't tear it up to shreds. They know where the litter box is and know exactly how to use it. Less chance of an accident in unappropriate places. Male cats are friendlier when it comes to greeting strangers and while female cats are a bit more shy, when they bond to you they are very loving and affectionate.
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