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Male or Female

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Which do you prefer as pets, males or females (please also see my other "Male or Female" thread for an explanation)?
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i have to say, out of 6 cats, i have only had one male, and all the females i have had have been more affectionate than him, but working in rescue cats just tend to find you, i have only 'picked' two of mine, and sex wasnt an issue. i have had very affectionate male fosters though.
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I have 2 males (though Echo was a male while he was around) and 3 females, so I was pretty even. Sex was never an issue when I decided who I was keeping, and who I adopted out.
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I don't have a preference. I've had two males and two females and each has had his or her own unique personality. I've noticed the males tend to be a little more easygoing and the females more shy, but they've all been sweet and affectionate.
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Kitties are kitties, we have 3 of each
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Definately a girl, much more affectionate.
My cat in NZ moved to the neighbours after he got in a snoot about my son starting to walk. Traitor.
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I love my little girls so i voted for them, but really thinking about it, it wouldn't matter either way because i love them all
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It depends on the species. With rats, I have always preferred females. With dogs, my family has always done better with males. With cats, we have been pretty much evenly split. Currently I have two kitties, one male and one female. I think there are some small personality differences, but mostly they are unique to individual cats rather than based on gender.
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I picked NO PREFERENCE. I have 3 girls, 3 boys.

My boycats are BY FAR more playful, outgoing, people-loving and sociable than my girlcats. Dusty loves people and is defintely playful, but she's sort of diva-style and "snobby" towards the other cats. Jess & K.C. like to hide from the other cats and us humans a majority of the time.

I do believe it all has to do in how they were raised, what type of environment they came from, etc.

However I could never pick a favorite... boy or girl... they all have such neat aspects of their personality & fun things about them, I like 'em both 100%.
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I have no preference. I use to be a male cat fan but now I've got so many female cats in my life I can't possibly pick one over the other.
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Males here. I'm owned by 10 males and 3 females. The males generally all get along. The females stir up problems between each other. When I lost Shep in April (female who was the house pariah), the girls have turned on Emily (my shy one). I am trying to place Emily in another home before she becomes the house pariah. I've also always had more inappropriate urination problems with the girls than the boys.

Perhaps it's because most came from the same feral colony and the males are just more mellow than the females. I just don't have as many problems with them. It's not that the girls are not friendly, just more difficult in a large household.
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i have six cats and really have no preference. two are girls the others boys, but i have noticed my boys seem more laid back and more affectionate. my girls tend to be really talkative and moody...(maybe like us female humans?) but when it comes down to it, i really don't care, i love them all!!!!!
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I love my sweet baby girl! I could just as easily fall in love with a little boy, though!
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with cats no preference .. dogs : big aka over 75lbs male under either ... fish I think my boys are more mama oriented
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Funny thing is..........I prefer males over females but I only have 3 males out of 10 pets.
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Well we had Peables, a female shepard husky mix for 10 years. I have Limerick a male domestic shorthair, and my sister has Able also a male DSH. I se no problem with either gender
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I have 5 boys and 3 girls - I my girls very much but I still would say I prefer boys.. My boys are so affectionate, and silly compared to the girls. I find my girls are bossy and a bit pushy LOL.. Chucky thinks he is the King of the castle but Titden will put him in his place pretty fast. hehehehe I love it.. I guess I voted for male but I do love them all no matter what..
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I would never use it as a factor to rule kitties out when adopting, but I seem to prefer males. Especially big tabby boys! They have always seemed to me to be more mellow, outgoing and friendly than other kitties. But maybe I'm biased...::scritches 15 pound brown/white tabby behind ears::
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I really have no prefrence, but we have more females in this house than boys.. only three boys in fact..Loki and LG and Halen

VS..Dutchy, Jellie, Bellie, Callie

Also Athena and Isis..

and right now all my horses are Mares

I plan on having a Stallion soon, but i dont have much need for a Gelding. Mares can be ridden, and used for my breeding program. Double purpose
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We've had more male cats than females, but that was "accidental". I do find the males to be a bit more laid back than the females.
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I prefer female cats. I grew up with a female cat, and Festus (girl) seems to have more normal cat behavior to me. DH is the opposite, favorite childhood cat was a male, and he thinks Garfield (boy) acts more normal!

I prefer girl dogs, because they never hike their legs! But we have had both, and most have been very good pets.
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I picked no preference, but I think I might lean towards the boys. They always tended to be more affectionate and less aloof.

Currently, I have two boys. One's on my lap; the other one is meowing a bunch. They're both talkers...ayiyi.
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I have only had one male cat. I can't remember really picking one over another because she was female vs male though. Pumpkin is pretty affectionate. But I guess since most of my growing years it was just Mom and I with our 2 female cats, we were stuck. I guess we just tend to bond with the females. Pumpkin was just too cute to resist!
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I really don't have a preference - I have two cuddly, lovely males and a female who is also cuddly and lovey, and then I have a male who is fairly aloof, so I think it's more of a socialisation/personality thing than a sex thing. I have more males than females (3 to 1), but I didn't plan it that way, that's just how it worked out.
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Doens't matter to me. I'd love them no matter what!
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I have had many cats over the years and have to say that I've had more female than male. The girls seemed to be more friendly and affectionate. The males (my current cat is) are a bit more aggressive.
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Over the years my family and I have had several cats - I have always found our male cats more affectionate. I also like female cats because I detest spraying - all cats rock and they all have their individual quirks.
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Female cats can spray too, though it is less common.
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I really don't have a preference... I tend to bond with the females more, but I do bond with the males, too.
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