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What was the last thing....#1

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What was the last thing that you copied and pasted?

I always have fun doing this thread.

Here's mine:

YOU ARE SABBATH Sabbath is the youngblood of the Posse- New School. He lives by his own rules and doesn't necessarily look for trouble, yet he always finds it. He is usually seen in the distance as he prefers to stray a bit from the pack. He says "dude" a lot.

It was from that Emily the strange thread. Your turn.
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I did that to ask Ryan a question that was confusing me
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Oh my...well this is something I had to cut and paste on another site because OG's PM mailbox was too full so I cut it and pasted it as a reply on the forum.

OG, what kind of work do you do? If you are going to work in a profession where you are exposed to communicable diseases your employer has a responsibility to educate you. You mentioned hand cuffs, I just douse mine with plain old rubbing alcohol.
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Here's mine:

included in the box was a piece called a "bucket park" but there were no instructions on what that is or where it goes! Please help. Thanks!

We bought a new garbage can and can't figure out where one of the pieces go.
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sure, how about 12:30 at Sardo, 45 Grafton Way?
-----Original Message-----
From: **********[mailto:***********]
Sent: 17 June 2005 10:58
To: **********
Subject: RE: Lunch with **********

Hi *******,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I have not been in the office.

Shall we book 12.30 on 4th July?



(Names & emails ***** for obvious reasons! )
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Peter Mayhew

I was looking for who was the actor that played Chewbacca on Star Wars and I couldnt find a picture so I googled him in the image search.
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Here's mine... new add to my sig!

"A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not." - Ernest Hemingway
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I'm in charge of updating my company's intranet every morning. The last thing I did was change the quote of the day:

Sometimes only one person is absent and the whole world seems depopulated. - Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine, 1790 - 1869
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I was accepting a friend request at catster...

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Leave Orlando 5:40pm, arrive Cinci 9:07pm (on a CRJ)

hehe... that's my Ctrl+v for ya... I just booked a few flights for my boss. Booorrrringggggg
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The image code for Henry's picture in my signature, I guess!
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Looking much better !


My little girl came home yesterday and is a little bundle of lovin' claws.
Antibiotics 3 x a day by oral and another by injection everyday for 5 days.
I have never seen her so energetic!
She's eating Hills a/d again and put on 60g in 24hrs.
DO NOT even ASK how much all this cost $$$ , she's just lucky we love her.

Same Text on more than one site and an email to my Mum.
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I have to send a couple of reports everyday to fellow co-workers and for obvious reasons and I not going to show it here!!
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room for 2, but with caster

How boring is that?!?! I was updating a spreadsheet at work.
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so we were talking of days of old, and ryan realize what a silly punk he was, way back in the day. he used to post things that had more periods than actuall letters

" lol dude.......thanks gfor diggin up this gem of a thread.....i have a gf now........sorry......maybe later........."

I was qouting that on a snowboard website to appologize...cuz thats how i type too.........oppsie!
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deny over 90 tabs/month;deny over 60mg/day

I guess thats what I get for looking at the CatSite at work! Like MiloPixie said, BORING!
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Mine was copying bits from a course document for an assessment I am setting at work. For obvious reasons I won't post that here either.
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Here's mine:


I was reading about that poor two-faced kitten.
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a postcode for a place i was looking for
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Mine was the "Little Known Feline Ailments" from another thread here, which I copied and e-mailed to some of my coworkers who have cats.
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Internship & Job Fair
Information Sheet for Retreat

Date: October 26, 2005 (Wednesday)

Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Location: ****

New additions/changes:

•\tProgram- new format with majors included
•\tSponsors- Door prizes donors
•\tAdded Washington Post “Top 200 Employers†to employers database
•\tWill mail invitation packets out in July/August.
•\tInterviews- 1-2 days after the fair
•\tCamps will attend the fairs only. (New policy)

Gosh, how exciting.. Like others say- that's what I get for surfing TCS while at work. LOL. Am working on a rough draft for our retreat on Mon.
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I was pasting that poll to a friend of mine, lol.
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Thanks for sharing everybody!
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I was copying & pasting this for someone requesting the URL of a "Contest" site
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Mine is a link to a picture I am drawing I think its a bit too big for the site though, its about 126k. I cant decide if I like the eyes larger, more up front, smaller, more in back, or if I need to study eyes some more to draw them better.
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That's cute

do u no ne...that was the last thing I C & P it was my friend Brock asking me if I knew of any parties happening tonight. I c & P it cos his font was hard to read
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Hahahha!!!! Thats not the picture thats my new siggy because I cant get the duck tales song out of my head. Our cable went out like a bazillion years ago so I have been watching old tapes and I watched about three ducktales tapes and yeah The picture is of a bobcat kitten/thing kind of.
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Well I love your new signature.
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the last thing i copied and pasted was:
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This of Rosie

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