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cat fencing

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Has anyone out there used cat fencing? Did you make your own or buy from a cat fence company?
I have a 6ft wood privacy fence and I need something, quick! to keep my new family of strays i have taken in- IN the yard.
If you have used the products or made your own please let me know of what has worked or not for you. Due to the restrictions in my neighborhood I can not place something on top of my fence- it must be invisible from the outside- the inside does not matter. Thanks.
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I have not actually used anything myself as I am living in a flat with my two furry critters but how about chicken wire??? it is basically thin but stong wire that is in a hexagon shape.
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There's a product called fence-in. This is their website:

You can either get it or maybe just borrow the idea and try to make something similar.


I'm moving this thread to the cat care section, as this is where I think it belongs.
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My brother and his wife have an enclousure for their two kitties. They used chicken wire fencing, and its only about 4 feet tall so you wouldn't be able to see it over privacy fence if that is an issue for you. Its enclosed on all sides including the top, but I am sure it would not be visible over any sort of other fencing.
They also used 2x4's to make ramps and other things to occupy and entertain the furballs.
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i have the cat fence-in system. (There is a web address in another reply. I have used it for about 5 years now and I really, really love it and so do my cats. Is there a way for me to post a picture on this website so that you could see it? It is barely visible from the outside. You would not be able to see it if you seren't looking for it. There is a way to hang it so it is not visible at all but neighborhood cats could get in your yard if you hang it this way.
There is little maintenance. If it snows a lot I go out with a broom and pop the snow out (very easy) and in the fall you have to remove the leaves once or twice (not difficult) I have had no escapes for years!! In the beginning there will be areas that they will figure out how to get out of (Put a cat out who you can watch and who is easy to catch!!) but after these are plugged they will give up and not think about it anymore. If you have a lot of trees in your yard the fence may not work because there would be a lot of escape routes. If you have any questions you can E-mail me. Katha2@aol.com
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I have a friend who has installed the fence-in and thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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